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Ten slutty things to do before you turn thirty

Okay so it doesn’t matter if these happen before 30, you should try these at some point in your life. Be an empowered SLUT

Here are my top 10 SLUT moves to solidify your slut status:

💖 Orgasm in public - in the bar's bathroom, in your shopping centre, in the club, in your car WHEREVER. Bonus points if someone could catch you! ✅

💖 Give someone head when you really shouldn’t - whilst driving (see my writing for top slut safety tips), whilst their on the phone to their boss or their MOM. ✅

💖 Have a threesome, foursome or group sex with people that mean nothing to you - release the Kraken. Wait, slut I mean slut... ✅

💖 Take a selfie straight after sex - remember that moment and embrace your messed up hair and makeup, you’re a hot slut. Bonus if you post in for others ✅

💖 Hit on someone “out of your league” and actually pull them (believe in your slut powers!) ✅

💖 Take some n00ds, share them online. Get some shots by a professional photographer and hang them in your house as a daily reminder of your awesome sluttiness ✅

💖 Buy the most revealing lingerie you can find - leather, latex, lace anything that makes you feel like a HOT super-slut. ✅

💖 Try that sex position/ move you’ve always been too scared to - you never know you could end up loving it!! ✅

💖 Travel to another country, and find the hottest person and sleep with them. Get them to talk dirty to you throughout just so you can perv on their accent ✅

💖 Make yourself fun more than five times in one day with a partner or by yourself. Either way, you’re worth it 🥵✅

There are so many more things I could list here but these are my top 10. What else would you add to this list? Tell me in the COMMENTS!