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Ten slutty things to do during lockdown

Are you bored stupid during lockdown?

Do you need something different to take your mind off being a prisoner in your own home?

Well here are ten ideas to add some slutty nasty sexy time to help you if you are stuck alone or with your partners.

So here are my top 10 slut moves you should try during a lockdown.

Recreate a sex scene from a movie - Yes pick your favourite movie sex scene and recreate it at home. Just saying this Valentine Day, I created a whole 'American Beauty' theme. I took a bath with rose petals, dressed up as a cheerleader, recreated the rose petal cover picture and then sir seduced me as a virgin high-schooler on the couch.

Just in case you want to know this was as hot as fuck.

Take part in an online orgy - While sex clubs are closed, you can still visit online sex parties and strip shows. Over lockdown, I have been to four virtual strip clubs and just arranged to go to my first online sex party.

If you want to get into the online sex/swinging scene, click here and join killing kittens. They are unique, particularly if you are a kitten (women).

Buy some expensive sexy lingerie - With the shops closed, you now have loads of time to search for slutty lingerie. I am a complete underwear whore and slowly emptying my bank account to Honey Burdette.

If you want to replenish my bank account and see me in all the Honey Burdette underwear, I have been buying click here and subscribe to my OnlyFans.

Recapture, being a high school teenager - Remember when sex was a little scary, and full-on penetrative sex was something you were unlikely to do because of either opportunity or being too young. Well, recapture those days with; heavy petting, fingering under cloths, dry humping and if you want to be a slutty teen like me wank the guy off.

Fuck a stranger online with a remote-controlled sex toy - Thank fuck this technology was ready for lockdown. You can get loads of sex toys that can be controlled from the other side of the planet to help you cum like a dirty whore with toys like …….

Create some high-quality homemade porn - With plenty of time on your hands why not set up the bedroom and film your self getting fucked. Get a couple of little tripods, set up a couple of camera angles and if you are lucky with an additional camera to do some POV. Then with some basic movie editing skills, you can create a full-on multi-camera homemade porno.

Set up an OnlyFans and make extra money - Why the fuck not. It's the best thing I have done all lockdown. I get to indulge in my ultimate exhibitionist fantasies as well as earn a significant income. If you have ever wanted to do it, click on this link, set up your account, and let me help you.

Have the loudest sex you have ever had - I mean make as much noise as you want sex, shout, scream and wake the neighbours. Not too long ago, I was made to shout at the top of my voice. I was yelling stuff like; "Fuck me like a nasty little cum dump whore”, "I'm good for nothing slut that only any good for fucking” and finally "fuck me daddy and let me cum on your cock, I am your nasty whore” repeatedly as I orgasmed.

The neighbours the next day did look at me a little funny. I know they heard me.

Sneak outside for public sex - During the lockdown, the outside world is quieter. Lockdown gives you more opportunities to find somewhere to fuck in public, all mixed up with taboo nature about creeping out and breaking the lockdown rules.

I have done 9 out of 10 of these during lockdown so far. Please write in the comments which one you think I still have to do.