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12 different way to restrain me while you f*ck me

I love to be forced to stay still while being fucked.

I get wetter than St Swithin's day as soon as I know I will lose all power to protest, struggle and escape from the inevitable.

So I thought I would make a list of all the different ways you can control, restrain, restrict and generally guarantee that I will not move while you fuck me.

💖 Tell me not to move a fucking inch - You better be ready to back up this instruction. You also better have a punishment for when I brat and move or else ill be up and out of the room before you can say “come back I have not finished!” However, if you back this up demand. You’ll soon have me pinned to the bed as if magic help me down.

💖 Rope - Brush up you Shibari and truss me up like a turkey at Christmas. Once you have done that I’m fucked, literally hopefully.

💖 Handcuff - Now throw away those shitty Ann Summers pretend handcuffs. I break out of them faster than inmate wanting to play ping pong. Get some real police-style cuffs. They will do the trick while you “give me my sentence”.

💖 Shackles or an old fashioned ball and chain (yes I do have some) - Complete my victorian debtor’s jail fantasy with a tavern whores outfit and you can get me paying off my debt faster cholera spreads through Victorian tenements.

💖 Achor points on the bed - If you are interested, I have 12 different rings build into my bed which you can use to tie me down. Just in case you ever come over I thought you should know.

💖 Cable ties - Get down to your local DIY store and go all Mr grey on me with these. I love 50 shade and he (Mr grey) makes me wet with or without cable ties.

💖 Gaffer tape - Now your talking dirty. This stuff is real primal. Just the noise of someone pulling off a length makes me simultaneously scream on the inside while opening my legs in hope that what you’re after.

💖 Hold me down - Go all old school, overpower me, pin down my arms and legs, use your size and weight. Then wait! I will struggle like fuck, but I will eventually get tired and give up. Then it is your turn to take over and take your pleasure from me.

💖 My cloths - Why the fuck do you need to waste time throwing them to one side. Just use them to tie me up or gag me.

💖 Your belt - There is nothing hotter than knowing a guy has a special belt with a notch at the right length to transform them into makeshift handcuffs and he’s wearing in on a date. Now that is how to seduce a slut.

💖 Under-bed ties and cuff - lull me into a false sense of security then whip them out leaving me to spread eagle on a bed - good move.

💖 Vac bed - This has to be the ultimate restraint to make sure I would never move. I have to do this and then have a girl (sorry guys on this one) use me while I’m all helpless.

Safety tips - Please no not be a moron and follow some sensible rules

💖 Always have enthusiastic consent from the person you are about to restrain

💖 Make sure you gip or the restraints you are using are not too tight.

💖 Make sure you do not restrain at the joints.

💖 Make sure you do not restrain someone by the neck.

💖 Keep checking circulation and watch for things turning blue.

💖 If you get pins and needles use your safeword this is not a good sign.

💖 Make sure you can be released quickly have medical sheers or ligature cutter within reach at all times.

💖 Keep the keys to any lockable devices safe and close so you can get released quickly.

💖 Stay with your partner at all time. Never leave them unattended even for a moment.