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12 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum ...oh fuck. I’ve cum

Gentlemen it happens to the best of us. There is not a guy on the plant that does not want to last longer in the bedroom. However, there is a little too much excitement and pop. It is all over a little too quickly for everyone.

Some male ejaculation facts:

💖 Men cum on average after 5 ½ minutes

💖 50% of Men cum in under 2 minutes

💖 10% of Men cum in less than a minute

So by these maths approx 450,000 men on Fetlife regularly suffer from premature ejaculation. With over 2,000,000 possibly wanting to last longer when they fuck.

For some guys, premature ejaculation, a subject this never gets mentioned is a little more than just a little bit of extra excitement. It’s a real thing that affects their confidence, relationships and how they enjoy sex.

So let’s look at some strategies that any guy can use to last longer when they fuck. See what could work for you or do everything. It is possible to last longer. Everyone can learn to fuck for longer.

Start working out you Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles.

Think about your PC muscles just like you are going to work out your biceps. It’s the muscles you use to cut off your piss. So get clenching then holding, then repeat it. Do it every day, Hold it for as long as you can

Stop fucking like a pneumatic drill.

Just slow the fuck down. Smashing a poor girls front doors in like a porn movie does never turned me on and unlikely to help premature ejaculation. Just slip put the tip in instead. Keep it shallow and slow or get it in deep and grind. There is plenty you can do to adjust your thrusting to keep it fun and slow things down.

Flip her over and fuck her another way

This little break can give you a moments break to reduce stimulation while some positions will lead to you last longer than others. Remember the above rapid fuck thrusting. Get choose a position that limits that. If you lack the self-control let your partner ride you. I promise they will not jackhammer fuck you.

Get wanking and learn about edging.

Simple fun homework here that is a low tech way to control your ejaculation. Go and have a wank. When you get close to cumming stop or get real slow. When you stop, don't let your cock go floppy before you restart. Then get close, and stop again.

You get the idea. You can learn to keep this going for hours. You can even get your partner to do it for you. I promise that is a great way of learning how to last longer and a fun way for you guys to wank yourself off.

Learn the ‘squeeze’.

If you feel you are going to cum, squeeze your cock at the head of your penis. Apply firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger. Focusing the pressure on the urethra, or the pee tube running along the underside of the penis. Blood moves out of your cock and momentarily decreasing sexual tension. Gives you a little time to recentre before round 2,3,4,5,6 however many time you need to do it.

PS guys think I have a superpower when I pull this trick out when they are fucking me so they can keep going.

Have some manors and make her come first

Use your mouth, fingers, toys or electric toothbrush to get your partner off first. While you work on them you are slowing yourself down and getting her closer. win, win I’d say.

Go all 'there's something about Mary' and wank beforehand.

A simple method to help you lasting earlier. If it has been a while since you fired your load, you could be on a natural hair trigger. Just be strategic and think about your recovery time so you will be hard and ready to go for the main event.

Condom control

Learn to love condoms. Forget the whole lecture about safe sex, I will give you that another day. Condoms are a great way to reduce the stimulation a little. Some even have jells specifically designed to slow you down and prevent premature ejaculation.

Go all high tech

Check out a program called Prolong. It’s meant to train you to delay ejaculation by jerking off with a special device. For $299, you can have a vibrating masturbation gadget wank you off for six weeks.

If you feel that is a bit steep for an alternative to your hand or flashlight, you can download apps to your iPhone to help you out.

Tell people

Tell your partner, tell your doctor, tell people that can help. There is plenty of help out there so go get it. With a little help and practice, everyone can fuck for longer.