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20 ways to get a guy to fuck you without saying a word

Being a SLUT is my superpower. I've got guys and girls to fuck me without even saying a word. It's like a gift.

Here are twenty different ways I have used to seduce guys and girls without uttering a single word that any slut can steal and use today.

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💖 Just get into your sluttiest lingerie or completely naked and just carry on doing chores around the house.

💖 Reach into his pocket, make sure you brush his cock, pull out a condom, and hand it to him with a smirk.

💖 Take a slutty, naked selfie, then wait till you're out before you send it. Add a message you're wet and need to do something about it.

💖 Sit on his lap and give a little wiggle until you feel his boner. Then get up and walk off just holding your hand out behind you. I promise he will follow.

💖 While watching TV instead of putting your hand on his leg. Put your hand on his dick instead. If he talks just gently “shhhhhhhhhh” but do not stop rubbing his cock.

💖 On a night out give him a cheeky flash of under the skirt so he knows you have no knickers on.

💖 Just get on the couch naked, spread your legs and start playing with yourself in front of him. Sometimes it’s good to be subtle.

💖 When you go to the bathroom on a night out. Come back and just put your knickers in his hand.

💖 Write a sign and put it around your neck saying “you have 20 minutes to strip me and fuck … your times already started”

💖 Just follow him into the shower, get undressed, and get in.

💖 Slip a vibrator already buzzing into his pocket then text him you're either fucking him or the toy in 3 seconds and he can choose which one.

💖 Leave out a tube of lube with a note saying “You will need this when you ass fuck me”.

💖 Have a normal conversation and start unbuttoning your shirt and put your hand inside. Nothing wrong with getting your hand right under the lingerie so he can see you playing with your boob. Remember to just keep talking normal all the time you do this.

💖 When you hug and kiss him remember to unzip him, slip your hand inside and grab his cock.

💖 Just get on your knees, unzip his jeans, pull out his cock and put it in his mouth. Simple, but 100% effective.

💖 When you have dessert, dip your finger into his, scoop up the icing and lick it off like you were sucking his cock. DO NOT STOP make it filthy, the more expensive the restaurant the harder he will get when you do this.

💖 Grab his hand and use it to lift your skirt and into your knickers.

💖 Straddle him and go straight for a long French kiss. Don’t break off. Remember to raise up a little to slip your hand on his cock just so he gets the message.

💖 Write “FUCK ME NOW” on the fridge with magnetic letters and ask him to go get the milk for you.

💖 Just mouth “I want you to fuck me! You can put it in any hole you like”

Let me know in the comments if any of these would work on you. Perhaps you have tried some out? If so, tell me if it worked?