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Five awesome tips for giving a lapdance

Lap dances are not utilised enough in foreplay in my slutty opinion... there's nothing hotter than slowly teasing your partner, dancing around to your favourite song when you just KNOW it is going to end up in some raunchy hot sex.

Here are my top 5 tips to giving a hot ass slutty lap dance:

💖 Tease - take your time, strip your clothes off slowly and come close to his/her body and then move further away...make them wait for you, and they will be straining so hard to fuck you...

💖 Music - Pick GOOD music to set the tone. Do you want it to be slow and intimate (think Meg Myers - Desire) or fast and ferocious (think Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love). Choose what you enjoy and you will move the best to it.

💖 Heels - are a must - unless you're channelling inner Tarantino foot fetish, but do be careful where you step, you want to get him hot and bothered not with a quick trip to A&E (if you've ever been stood on in pleasers, you know). It also allows you to aim your crotch right at eye level ;)

💖 Move around - move around the person you are teasing, go behind them...cover their eyes with your hands, really make them want to twist and turn around to see what you are doing. Touch yourself, and them if you want ;)

💖 TOP TIP IS ENJOY YOURSELF - do have fun, no one is perfect and if you fuck up I guarantee you the other person WILL NOT notice if you style it out. They just want to see you looking sexy and remember having fun is super important whilst you get your OH off.

So go get ready and tease your partner to within an inch of their lives ;) Don't forget to leave a COMMENT telling me how you would go about giving a lap dance, and what your favourite song is to lap dance to...