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Five things I love in my mouth during sex

I just love having my mouth stuffed used and controlled while I’m being fucked. So here are a few ideas of things you can fill my mouth with:

💖 Your fingers - but I mean all your fingers and thumb and see just how you can push them down my throat. Bonus points if you make me gag.

💖 Your cock - but that goes without saying. I love a cock in my mouth

💖 My underwear - it’s humiliating and exciting at the same time

💖 A gag - apparently I have a tiny mouth and you need smaller balls and ring but you find a gag that fits and I’ll love it.

💖 Another girl - I just love exploring every little bit of a girl with my mouth

I'd love to know what you love in your mouth or putting in a mouth during sex. Just tell me in the comments below