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Five things to do with my knickers whilst we f*ck

Knickers, I love 'em, but they do get in the way of hot sex sometimes.

Read on to find useful ways of using knickers during sex and the best things to do with knickers while you fuck.

💖 Keep them on and don't waste time - Just pull my knickers to the side and fuck me anyway. I mean removing them is just effort right? I also love the urgency it creates. Nothing hotter than knowing a guy just has to get inside me.

💖 Stuff them in my mouth - I have been known to make a lot of noise, so if you don't have a gag handy just roll 'em up and stuff em in. You'll still hear my mumbling, but at least you can then concentrate on giving me a really good fucking without distraction

💖 Cum on my Knickers - Mix it up and instead of Cumming in me or on me. Why not grab my knickers and cum in them. Then go all ninja-level dominant on me and tell me to put them on and get dressed as your taking me out for drinks and I have to wear them.

💖 Restrain me with them - Tie my wrists together with my knickers, it might not hold for too long as I do like to struggle, but it's better than nothing when we're fucking out and about!

💖 Rip them off - If you can't be bothered to use them in any of the above ways and just want to get down and dirty fast just rip them off me then fuck me.

Id love to know how you like to use knickers and underwear during sex. Just put your thoughts in the comments below