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5 Tips for having sex in a car

So I know that there is a legitimate sexual fetish for car accidents and other disasters (symphorophilia in case you were wondering). However, most of us want to get freaky and not crash… We’ve all been there, giving your other half head whilst they’re driving and they scream “STOP!” because they can no longer concentrate on the road. Here are my top slut tips to have the best sex in a car <3

💖 IF THEY ARE DRIVING MAKE THEM CUM FAST - No teasing, long languid foreplay, that’s too dangerous at 70mph. Challenge yourself to make them cum as quick as possible.

💖 MAKE SURE YOUR BUTT IS PRESSED TO THE PASSENGER WINDOW - That way any passing traffic/ people/ police officers will be far too distracted by your awesome pussy to pay you too much attention or pull you over.

💖 PUT THE A/C ON - I mean let’s face it all that sweating and heavy petting and panting is going to fog your windows up, and not being able to see where you’re driving? Not good!

💖 UTILISE THE TEASE - Strip slowly, potently, and throw those panties out of the window. They’ll be so desperate for you they’ll pull over and stop anyway…

💖 FUCK ON THE HOOD - Seriously, do it. Bonus points if people are watching. Super bonus points if you have a 1970s Dodge Challenger…(Wait what? You do?! My pants are off and I’m on my way 😉)

So get those engines revved, put your key in the ignition (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) and get your freak on! 😉