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Five weird sex laws around the world

So there are some weird laws around sex across the globe, and to be honest, I’ve broken a few of these... keep reading to find out my score... but here are my top weirdest laws about sex across the globe 🌍

💖 In Bakersfield, California it is illegal to have sex with Satan without a condom. - I mean how the hell (pun intended) do you find him to have sex with him in the first place??

I've fucked a few look-alike on Halloween, thinking back I just hope they were really looking likes. One did seem rather convincing and was rather insistent that he should go bareback

💖 In Budapest, you cannot have sex with the lights on. - Well, we have all been there, not feeling great about ourselves and wanting to hide, but really?!

I’ve had sex with the lights on but not in Budapest, does that even count?! 🤔

💖 Playing chess ♟ in the middle of intercourse is illegal in Estonia. - Okay BRB I am crying with laughter 😂 who on earth has ever felt the need to whack out a chessboard in the middle of a passionate romp. Hold on dear, CHECKMATE!! 💦

No one ever has done this ... please tell me if you have 😂 and the story

💖 Don’t cheat in Hong Kong, or your wife can murder you with her bare hands if she catches you!! 🤫 - Well. I think that’s a perfectly acceptable law 🙃

I have never killed anyone, even if they have been snoring really loud next to me and the thought of smothering them with a pillow is very very enticing... 😏😏😏

💖 In Iowa two men with a moustache are banned from kissing each other - No bush no lush I’m guessing ☹️ I’m disappointed with this law I like a good tash -bash 🥺

I'm not a man and don’t have a tash so I can’t enter this one.

My total score is a dubious 1/5 😇. I’m obviously an angel (or picked the crap laws 😅) tell me what your score would be below 👇