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6 Beginner Positions for Anal Sex

Let's get one thing straight from the start. Unless you are an anal slut like me, the thought of being fucked in the ass where you have little control over what will happen can scare the shit out of you! Literally.

In my role as an anal whore, however, I have spent a week researching and being ass fucked every night to field test the best six beginner positions for anal sex so that a beginner can be less intimidated and find exciting new twists for those of you that are more experienced.

Now just before we get into the actual ass fucking positions, here are a few tips that you may want to know before you get started...

Quick tips and hacks for anal beginners

Lubrication, Lubrication, then more lubrication - You have to understand your basic biology. Unlike your vagina, your ass does not self lubricate regardless of how horny you get. So you are going to need to add a sex lubricant.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, even if anal sex is not - Some people hate the idea of ass play as they think it is going to be messy. Luckily it does not have to be. Ensure you shower and get perfectly clean on the outside, and if you want to add a little internal sprucing up, go for an anal douche or enema.

Anal plugs and toys - Start small and build it up - An anal slut like me will always tell you to start small. There is plenty of time to build up to the “mega large ass breaking tentacle style torpedo” you saw in that PornHub video. Perhaps start with a small toy as long as it has a flared base.

Check out my other Anal blogs to learn more about how to prepare for anal sex and have some great anal sex hacks...

Anal sex positions for beginners - Cowgirl

This is the traditional cowgirl, except you are anally penetrated. All you do is mount your partner, who is lying down just as if you are going to fuck him from being on top except aim for the other hole. This is an excellent beginner position for anal sex because it gives you all the power to control the pressure, depth and angle for the initial entry. Once you have the cock inside, you still have the additional control of the speed and depth of being penetrated in the ass. You can start slow and build yourself up to whatever pace and depth you feel most comfortable with.

Just remember to make sure your partner co-operates and stay still and does not start their thrusting. Just tell them to relax, lay back and enjoy being fucked.

Upgrade anal cowgirl anal sex from beginner and be more adventurous.

Give this position just a little twist and add in some clover clamps on the nipples. Your partner can have ultimate access to your tits while you are concentrating on enjoying being ass fucked. Now for me, nipple clamps do very little going on and while they are left alone. Clamps give a bit of a tingle if they touched once secured, but the "OMFG" rush of sensation or pain is when they are removed. (Just in case you ever need to know, the optimum time to remove them is when I start to cum.) The mix of pleasure and pain is sublime.

Anal sex positions for beginners - Doggy Style

The instant go-to for guys who want to ass fuck a girl.

Guys want to bend you over, demand you spread your ass, then power drive into you just like they have seen earlier that day while beating off to PornHub.

However, take the control away from the one doing the fucking, and this position does have some clear beginner advantages.

This way, again, you can take control of "reversing" onto the cock and dictate the paces, depth and ferocity that your ass is being fucked.

What I love about it is that is you have an effortless transition from you having the control to handing it over to your partner, and they can start the process of fucking you. If you are starting to get used to anal sex and want to progress to the euphoria of having no control and being ass fucked this is a great position to get you started.

Upgrade anal dogie style from beginner and be more adventurous.

Why not give him that PornHub / pornstar experience. Let him handcuff your hand behind your back, push your face into the bed and let him use you just like in he'd fuck his favourite porn star.

Anal sex positions for beginners - Face to face

This position is great when your partner is sitting on a chair, and you straddle them. Once again, you have all the control of the initial anal penetration. The depth of the cock in your ass and the speed you are fucked in the butt.

What this beginner anal sex position adds is intimacy. You are chest to chest and face to face, in the perfect place to communicate about what's going on and see the most minute details of the reaction of the other.

I love this position for long slow grinding sex, and once you're able to take a whole cock in your ass, this position rocks as you can grind your clit into your partner. For a total mind-blowing anal fucking put a vibrating cock ring onto the guy just before you jump on. I promise everything will be tingling once you do that.

Upgrade face to face anal sex from beginners and be more adventurous.

Ladies get out the rope, and I mean a lot of rope. Learn how to double collum ties and body harness and use these to totally incapacitate him to a chair and then add a gag in his mouth. I generally don't switch, but this idea gets me wet as fuck.

Anal sex positions for beginners - Missionary position

Missionary is so underrated usually and makes a great beginners position for anal. The great thing about the missionary position is you can control how deep the cock goes inside you. Natural anatomy means that it is hard for the guy to get his cock all that way in tot the base and give you the natural barrier of being able to slightly open or close your legs, just helping adjust how deep a guy can get his cock.

Upgrade anal sex in the missionary from beginner to the more adventurous.

When I was test-driving these for you, I was given a nice little twist and had my hand-tied up and positioned above my head and lashed to the bed. Despite these restraints, I could have still control with my legs what was going on. However, on this occasion, I didn't and just let Sir plough into me while smiling ear to ear.

Anal sex positions for beginners - On your stomach

You can think about this as the lazy girl's doggie style. I love it when I get a pillow and quickly throw it under me to lift my ass a little for easier access, but that's up to you.

Now you give up a lot of control to the guy here, so I guess this goes a little more intermediate, rather than the actual beginner position of anal sex. However, the advantage is that you have to relax and not worry about taking an active role and concentrating on the sensation and how being ass-fucked makes you feel hot. You can focus on communicating back to your partner and focus on the anal sex rather than everything else. Once you are comfortable being fucked in the butt, you can reach under and start playing with your clitoris. This gets me faster than a Japanese bullet train.

Upgrade anal sex while on your stomach from beginner for the more adventurous.

You can always upgrade anal sex while your face down on your stomach to being anally fucked ass over the end of the couch. Allow for the spontaneity or the total loss of control as to what will happen to you and give complete control over to your partner to use you are they choose. The weight and hard nature of the arm of a couch mean you get to feel every full thrust without and bounce or cushion you get from the bed. This type of primary play is hot as fuck. I love to be thrown over the nearest object and treated to passionate anal sex.

Anal sex positions for beginners - Spooning, with a twist

Just assume the little spoon position and let the guy take you from behind. You'll soon find out that it's a great starter position for anal sex without being penetrated too deep. Our natural anatomy takes care of this as long as you remain in the "proper spooning" position.

I always find that spooning naturally slows the guys' thrusting down due to him being on his side and the surface he's laid upon. This all leads to a great beginners position for a starter position for anal sex.

Upgrade anal sex while on your stomach from beginner for the more adventurous.

I know this is all about beginner positions to anal sex, but I would not be a true anal slut if I did not mention being double penetrated at some point. Spooning is perfect fr some DIY double penetration with a vibrator (I prefer the rabbit version here as I'm a greedy whore and what everything stimulated at the same time while he's fucking the ass.

I promise you he will also thank you for it as the vibrator will be working his cock simultaneously from the inside. Leaving you to bliss out and pray for the holy trinity or trigram. Having your clit, pussy and anal orgasms all at the same time. I am still working on the timing of this, but who gives a fuck. Once I go multi-orgasmic, I don't care where they are coming from as long as I cum.