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6 Things to do whilst using a butt plug

I’m a firm believer that butt plugs make everything more fun, even boring day to day chores can be improved drastically whilst wearing a plug 🔌.

No, not that type of plug that just made me giggle 🤭

Here are my top 6 things to do whilst using an anal plug, that are super fun. So get lubed up and read on...

💖 SEX. Even boring vanilla sex can be spiced up with a butt plug, if you’re a woman it’ll make your pussy feel extra tight for your other half, if you’re a man... well, you know where your prostate is 😈 you’ll thank me when you cum the hardest you ever have!

💖 ORAL. Giving or receiving oral sex is improved with a butt plug. Just makes the sensations even more improved, give it a go and let me know how you get on!!

💖 BEING SPANKED. Butts are the best period, and it’s no secret I love being spanked. And it’s even better with a butt plug in... mmmm 😋 And I can guarantee whoever is topping you will appreciate watching you squirm even more because of it!

💖 DOING CHORES bonus points if it’s in public. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, walking the dog. All the boring chores that we, unfortunately, have to do. But no one said they have to be vanilla! Lube up and slip a butt plugin and it’ll be super hot, only you (and your partner if you wish) will know and suddenly boring is not so boring anymore!

💖 TAKING PHOTOS. Even if it’s not of your ass! The glimmer in your eyes will show everyone your little secret. Or take it off your ass and let your secret exhibitionist freak flag fly! 💖

💖 GOING ON A DATE. Get your ass prepped for that butt fucking later, or just make yourself a little bit more excited by slipping in a plug when you’re getting ready. You can always slip your date a little note telling them about it whilst your on your date to amp up the fire 🔥

What are your favourite activities to pair with a butt plug? Tell me below.