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7 Myths about sluts that you should never ever believe!

Well, I am open that I am a slut ... In fact, I’m a proud slut. So It’s time for me to myth bust the top 7 stupid things people think about us proud sluts.

💖 Sluts do it for attention - No guys you pay me attention because you have yet to have your way with me. I’m a slut because I like it. I love to fuck and then get wet after sharing my adventures with you. I’m far more selfish than attention-seeking.

💖 Sluts will sleep with anyone - Sluts have far higher standards than many guys that consider breathing a minimum requirement. I have a lot of sex, therefore, I know what and who I want to fuck.

💖 Sluts have Daddy issues - Well, okay maybe 🙄 but don’t tell me you don’t like it and get hard when I calling you daddy while you were fucking me last night

💖 Sluts hate men - I love men. I’ve fucked a lot of them ... I just hate rude assholes of any gender just seems that men have a higher potential for being assholes than other genders.

💖 Sluts will end up old, single with 100s of cats - No way ... I will have 100s of puppies. Puppies bring me eternal love and happiness so who cares. I will have wolf puppies.

💖 Slutty lifestyles are unhealthy - Stay safe and follow my rules wear a mask, fuck doggy-style, wear a condom and get tested.

💖 Sluts have loose vaginas - Stupid propaganda spread by misogynistic incel inbreeds. Sluts have regular workouts squeezing cock and I train my pelvic floor muscles every day because I know you guys love to feel me grip your cock harder than all the other girls.

So you kinky fuckers form a line for me please 💋 this slut wants to fuck.