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There are 8 different types of orgasms! Which ones have you experienced?

I love an orgasm, I love to cum a lot!

It doesn't matter if I'm being fucked or playing with myself I just want to cum. Amazingly, there are not just one or two different types of orgasms, according to sexperts there are eight. You're going to have to get to the end to find out which orgasm I'm still working on, but before then check out the seven types of orgasm that I have achieved:

💖 Clitoral orgasm - This is more than the little bud near your vagina, you can stimulate the clitoris internally as well as externally that we all know and love. So make sure you do a good job playing with me everywhere, to make me cum.

💖 G-spot orgasm - This is not a secret mystery, us girls don’t keep it hidden. You just have to be bothered to try and find it. Lucky for you, it's not hard. Once you have it, make sure you take your time playing with me and bingo I’ll cum. Aim your fingers towards my belly button ;) SLUT TIP - That is why sex toys aren’t straight - it’s so they hit our G-spot.

💖 Blended orgasm - Men are rubbish at multitasking, girls are better at giving these than guys (or so I have found, why don’t you prove me wrong!). If you get this right, you will make me cum super hard. Just get me to that tipping point, right to the edge and then bring in some nipple or anal play and I’ll explode. You aren’t just limited to your hands and mouth, why not bring in some toys as well.

💖 Anal orgasm - I love anal orgasm. You’ve been living under a rock if you didn’t know that your butt is full of good nerve endings that create an awesome orgasm when stimulated correctly. Guys that is you too - don’t be shy!!

💖 A-Spot orgasm - WTF is the A-Spot, I hear you cry. If you want to get to my A-spot you are going to have to go very, very deep. So you are going to need to bring either a big cock or a massive toy. To find it you have to go in a good few inches deeper than you do to play with the G-spot and get up close to my cervix. This is so worth the effort and I’ll adore you for it.

💖 Nipple orgasm - Play with my tits and my nipple and you can make me cum. My boobs are super sensitive and when you're playing with my boobs and nipples I can feel it all the way downstairs. Just remember if you want to make me cum like this you will need to be a little gentler than I would normally like. So more licking, touching and sucking - Less biting, slapping and scratching if you want me to cum like this.

💖 Coregasm - I’ve had a Coregasm while working out on a pole and that's not a euphemism for a cock. It’s all to do with exercise and repeated squeezing of the thighs together. While pole dancing I really have to squeeze my thighs together, engage my core so I can defy gravity to impress. If you think it’s only the guys getting off looking at me you're wrong. I could well be having my coregam hanging upside down and enjoying every moment of it.

💖 Fantasy orgasm - Now, this is one orgasm that I am still working on. I think about sex all the time and some sex experts recons that I could have a “fantasy orgasm” by the sheer power of thought alone. This is not getting horny and me reaching inside my knickers, it’s purely down to my mind. Perhaps I just have not had the right thoughts yet. Can you inspire me with an idea and help me cum by the power of my own mind? Maybe if I can resist the temptation of getting off just once when I feel horny I can see if this one is true.