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A sluts guide to receiving a facial

I love a face full of cum. I also know that guys love an enthusiastic slut throwing themselves to their knees, looking up, mouth open while talking dirty. Suddenly all they want to do is empty their balls onto your slutty open mouth or all over your face and body.

In this sluts guide to receiving a facial, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know; about why guys love it, how to make it as slutty as fuck, and how to enjoy the whole experience of receiving a face full of cum. By the time you have finished reading this, you'll receive a facial better than anyone's favourite porn star.

To make it a little easier for you, I have broken the guide down into different sections. If you want to skip to specific sections, use the links below.

What is a Facial?

Why are facials so popular?

The benefits of letting your man cum on your face

How to talk dirty while getting a facial

Things to do leading up to the facial

Positions to receive a facial

What to do after he cums on your face

Top tips to make a facial really slutty

What to do if you get cum in your eyes

Conclusion about fiacial

What is a facial / Cum on the face?

Guys love to cum. However, they have loads of different preferences regarding where they ejaculate. Some prefer inside the mouth, vagina or ass, while others love to pull out and see themselves cover their partner in cum. Whatever men choose, I bet if you ask any guy if they want to fuck you like their favourite porn star and to cum on your face like they have seen guys do to Riley Reid or Marsha May, they would love you for it.

Ultimately a facial is just that. It's a great way to finish off a blow job, hand job or sex with a quick withdrawal where a guy cums on their partners face.

Why are facials so popular?

Everyone is curious as to why facials are so popular. I consider it a great D/s practice coming from the kinky / BDSM community. The guy is taking the dominant position towering over the person receiving, who is without a doubt pursuing a submissive role. They hand their partner the power to use them to fulfil their desire and fantasies while also accepting the potential humiliation of being a vessel for him to finish off without any stimulation for themselves.

As well as the D/s connotations, there is no doubt that porn has a lot to answer for here too. The whole practice of creating an external "money shot" so the viewer could see the guy cum all over the girl came into mainstream porn in the 1970s. The 1972 porn movie "Deep throat" is often attributed to being the trigger that started the tsunami of cum shoots and facials we see all the time on Pronhub today. The concept of the movie is staggeringly simple. A girl has her clitoris at the back of her throat, and she can only get off by being face fucked. I promise you this is not a good movie, and the porn is terrible too. However, the movie ends with some guy giving a facial to a fanfare of fireworks and bells.

Today if you check out pretty much any of the movies on Pornhub or similar, they end predominately with the typical "money shot" and the girl receiving a face full of jizz. It does not matter if it is a hand job, blow job, normal fuck or anal sex. The actress ends up with cum on her, most likely in her face, if not her tits, ass or belly.

Ultimately, you are giving a guy power and his porn film fantasy all at the same time. Once you mix that up with some of my slutty facial hacks, he will cum like a steam train. Then come back begging to do this time and time again.

The benefits of letting your man cum on your face

The simple answer is, he will find this hot as fuck and love your inner slut even more than before, but as you imagine, there is a little more to it than just that.

Receiving a facial will turn his horny dial up to 11

A guy always cums harder and more explosively when they fuck a slut. They will dial up their horniness as soon as you assume the position and tell them to cum on your face. But as you will learn shortly, don't just say, "cum on my face, baby." Dirty talk is the time to bring that nasty inner slut out. Make him desperate to unload on your face with your words.

Receiving a facial creates a Pornstar fantasy.

I don't believe a man on the planet has not watched porn and imagined himself power driving the latest little porn starlet. (PS if they say they have never watched porn or never thought about it, then it is probably a little white lie, they are just not ready to admit it yet.)

The best thing about giving him his fantasies, it draws him closer to you and leaves him wanting more.

Receiving a face full of cum is a great facial. Of the skincare kind.

Yes, you heard that right. There is some evidence that it's good for the skin with anti-ageing properties. One study ( has shown that injecting semen directly into cells slows down the ageing process. So QED, my slut logic concludes it must work when rubbed on the skin after being delivered directly for a guy's cock. Right?!

How to use dirty talk to build his arousal levels before he cums on your face

A sluts ability to talk dirty is a top tool to sending a guy over the edge. To be the slut equivalent to Yoda, you need to do three things; be direct, use language that you might never use in real life, and make sure you use your hands to emphasise what you want.

Here are a few dirty talking tips from Padawan to Jedi Master (See, I'm using Star war references today for any guys reading this)

💖 "Cum on my face."

💖 "See this face", hand actions pointing to it ", I want you to cum on it".

💖 "Finish off on me like I'm one fucking a little slut."

💖 "Treat my face as you cum dump".

💖 "Use me like a whore and cum on my face."

💖 "I want it on my mouth and face."

💖 "I'm going to rub it into my face as soon as you cover me."

💖 "Cum on using me like you cum dump."

💖 "Once I'm covered, eat every last drop

💖 "Fucking cum on my face and treat me like one of those cheap little pron stars you keep watching"

💖 "Cover this dirty slutty nasty whore with your jizz"

💖 "Come on, do it. Show me that I'm a worthless little cumdump whore and cover me".

💖 "Cum on me like you hate me. Treat me like a cheap slut that you're just fucking for fun and don't give a fuck about"

Top tip for before receiving a facial.

A universal recommendation is to make sure the man tells you when he is about to cum. It can be easily camouflaged in his dirty talk to not detract from the scene, but it does allow you to brace for impact and avoid getting any in your eyes. (This is not a good thing. More about that below.)

Sexy things to do leading up to receiving a facial.

Blowjob (Beginner level)

Giving a blow job with the guys standing up and you kneeling is a great way to start as a facial beginner. You have a few things going for you like this. Firstly, you are both already in good positions to complete a facial. You are ready to receive cum on your face, and he's already pointing in the right direction. How can that go wrong?


I love to encourage a guy to fuck me like I'm one of his favourite porn stars. I build up the dirty talk and help the guy treat me like a girl in a porn movie, and then I "need" a porn star finish. Remember you will have to communicate, so you withdraw and get repositioned fast, ready to get your cum facial to finish.

Face Fuck

Being face fucked should only end with a facial. So instead of you being in control of the blow job, you hand this over to the guy and let him push his cock deep, hard and fast into your mouth. Often face fucking he can hold your head to exaggerate the face fuck trusting. Read my Guild to being face fucked like a slut - Go from beginner to pro in 3 mins to learn more about being face fucked.

The facial cum finish is perfect after he's face fucked me, messed up your makeup, and became a messy slobbering mess.

Positions to take and the build-up before he cums on your face

You have two choices here: you can either let him take control and place you where he wants you to jump to your knees by yourself. The choice is yours.

Letting him take control of the facial.

This can be great for emphasising the dominance and submissive in your play. It's no secret that I like things rough and to be submissive to guys. So to be pulled about and positioned as he wants me for him to finish off is hot as fuck. Giving him control allows you to concentrate on slutty talk and following my tips of what to do just before he cums. This comes with the added advantage of him knowing when he will cum and allowing him to make sure you are ready for him ejaculating all over your face.

You are taking control of the facial.

Taking complete control of the facial requires a little more anticipation and communication. To make this a great experience, you are ready to receive the cum with a moment for you or him to finish off, but not too early. Timing is everything to make this fantastic.

I love having to rush to my knees. Look up, open my mouth and start talking like the nastiest slut you can imagine. This gives you the classic porn movie finish, and I promise guys to love it.

What to do after he cums on your face

There is a fantastic opportunity to slut it up immediately after he ejaculates on your face.

Never treat this moment he blows his load as the end, just the beginning of the end. So here are my top slutty tips of things you can do once your face is covered.

  • As soon as he has finished, get his cock back in your mouth. Make sure that you have milked every last drop and licked his cock clean. Make sure that you are looking up at him all the time. That way, he can tell just how much you love being slutty for him.

  • Start licking your lips, and once you have got every drop that way, start using your fingers. Scoop up every last drop and swallow the lot. Again make sure that you keep eye contact.

  • Keep the dirty talk going. Make sure he knows how much you love covered in his cum and that he's making you feel like a little slut. Let him look at you and take in the hot mess he has made of you.

Top Slut Hack - I always keep a pack of wet wipes and tissues by the side of the bed so I can very quickly tidy up and make myself respectable again. That's if it is ever possible to be respectable immediately after having a guy tower over you and shooting his load all over your face.

Top tips to make a facial as slutty as possible.

  • Lube - Make sure you have lube at hand. Lube enhances any hand job or sloppy blowjob. Make sure you have a little next to the bed to quickly lube up his cock so that you can wank him off before he covers your face in sperm.

  • Edge him - Get him close and stop. Teasing him right up to the point he will cum on you and then pause. Edging will drive him wild and make his ultimate climax more intense. Mix this up with the nasty dominant dirty talk, and you can change the experience. "You're not going to cum on my face until I'm ready. Now beg your mistress to let you cum on her face."

  • Drool and spit on his cock - Give him some extras to his slut experience. Get nasty and slutty and show him your dark side. Spitting on his cock and letting him see you drool as he pulls it out will drive him mad. Being slutty like this always turbo boosts his horny.

  • Get a gag into your mouth - A gag is a secret weapon to making you look like a drooling slutty mess. Ball gags are a great way to keep you quiet but always make sure you keep your slutty talk going even with your mouthful. It adds to the impression of your helplessness and your slutty mystique, as not even a gag will stop you you talking like your working girl.

O ring gags are a great twist on the ball gag. These force your mouth open, making it hard to talk and drool like a lunatic. The bonus with these for facials aimed at an O-ring gag is it inadvertently creates a target for the guy to aim at and your face.

  • Sneak in a vibrator on him - If you want to upgrade your hand job, hold a small bullet inside your grip. Vibrators are underrated for using on guys but believe me, and they will thank you for it when they cum on you.

  • Sneak a vibrator on yourself - Really get yourself close and if you need to edge yourself so that you are ready to cum at the same time as he cums on your face. He will love your growing excitement, and his mind will remember that "he makes" you cum when he cums on you. (If only he knew you planned it that way all the time.)

  • Anal play - If your partner is comfortable with some anal play, this may be an excellent time to add a little extra stimulation during his build-up and orgasm. Check out this blog about anal play and training.

  • Deep throat his cock - Yep, good old fashioned face fucking and swallowing his cock down to the base. Choking on cock is always a great way to display your slutty credential. With a bit of luck, your end up drooling and dribbling and your makeup will run. All a fantastic preparation for the full facial to help you look like a total slutty mess at the end for his pleasure.

What if it goes in your eyes

The guy must tell you they are about to shoot their load onto your face because you need your eyes closed, so none goes in your eye. Think of it as battering down the hatches before a submarine dives. Even the tiniest leak and water spells disaster for the crew; in your case cum in the eye will ruin the evening, have people asking you about your red eyes for days and lead to any number of infections.

So to stop this, make sure you close your eyes the moment before blast off. If you happen to have your eyes covered in cum after, keep your composure. Be thankful that you are a complete slut and prepared with wet wipes and tissues beside your bed. Just gently clean yourself up until it's safe to open your eyes.

Trust me. You do not want sperm in your eyes. It can burn like a mother fucker, and you can be exposing yourself to STI's as well as plain old conjunctivitis.

Read all about how to deal with cum in your eyes here. However, this is the emergency version that you need to know:

  • Please do not rub it in. You risk spreading it around the eye.

  • Resist blinking. This gets more in the eye and spreads it

  • Leave any contact lenses in your eyes for now.

  • Rinse your eye out with water or saline solution

  • Make sure you pull the eyelid down so you wash it all out.

  • Once you are sure the eye is clean, remove the contact lens and rinse and clean in its solution.

Conclusion about facials

Taking a great facial is an essential slutty skill, and with it, you can give any guy a slutty experience. Just remember, there is so much more to just letting a guy dump cum on your face. You can make this a mind and cock blowing experience that he will love.

So girls, break out the wet wipes, get down onto your knees and brace for impact with your now qualified facial slut.