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Anal sex hacks for beginners and pros

Everyone talks about anal sex, and it's clear it polarises opinion into lovers and haters.

So I thought I would come up with some anal sex hacks to make butt sex more accessible.

Anal sex tips are always popular in my blogs. However, it's still something folks feel uncomfortable putting on their sexual buffet. Being either totally put off the idea before ever trying it, or their past anal sex experiences have been less than sexy.

On the other hand, there are complete anal sluts like me. The intensity of the feeling and the social taboo of declaring 'I love a long, rough ass fuck’ gets me hyper excited the moment I know that a guy will fuck me like that.

To help fellow sluts and kinkster, I have nine anal sex hacks that will help you have a great time and perhaps convince you to give butt play a try.

Stop being shy and talk about your ass.

Talking about sex! Start having open and no judgemental conversations about your likes and dislikes with your partner. Let your partner know what you think about ass play. Ensure they know things you want to try or how deep down the rabbit hole of becoming an anal whore you might want to go. Do not be shy telling them if you're going to go to more extremes of training your ass to take bigger and bigger objects or fucked harder, deeper and longer than ever before. Your partners are not mind readers, so make sure they know what you want and love.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, even if anal sex is not.

Some people hate the idea of ass play as they think it is going to be messy. Luckily it does not have to be. Ensure you shower and get perfectly clean on the outside, and if you want to add a little internal sprucing up, go for an anal douche or enema.

Create a slip and slide and add lube

For stupid people, this needs to be said loud and clear. Get yourself some lube!

Your ass does not produce natural lubrication like your pussy. So someone needs to provide the lubrication. I promise you that you can never have too much lube during anal play. You

If it hurts, you are doing it wrong.

You feel pressure, sure, and it has got a unique sensation that unless you have tried it, you can't describe, but it should never hurt as pain hurt.

Pain is a huge fear that puts people off butt sex. The same goes for those that have tried anal sex but will never do it again after a painful experience.

Let me be explicit anal sex should give you pain. If it does, then you are doing something wrong and need to take a set back. Check out my blog on anal training, which details how to prepare and enjoy anal sex, training and toys.

To avoid painful setbacks, start small. Explore your ass with your fingers or small toys, with or without your partner there. If you control the actions and receive the sensations, you can quickly understand what you like and don't like.

Once you are comfortable, communicate what you have learnt to your partner and bring them into anal play and training.

Go back to sex school (Biology 101) and conduct anal experiments.

Your ass if full of nerve endings. It's the same sensation for all genders who can enjoy anal sex equally.

Your actual bumhole can be very responsive to a light touch. Use fingers, toys, or your mouth are great ways to stimulate your ass entrance without venturing inside.

Once you go inside your anal canal, which is only a few inches deep, it is smothered in responsive nerve endings. It is excellent at expanding to accommodate cock and toys and contracting back again. It is hypersensitive when stimulated with touch, pressure or a temperature change.

Now a bit more of the biology lesson. If you want penetrative anal play you need to understand how to get things into your ass.

Take the time to understand how your ass works entrance if you want penetrative anal sex and play. You have two sets of muscles called sphincters guarding the entrance. These muscles keep your ass closed and maintain the shape of the anal canal.

Now your external sphincter (that's the one you can touch and see) you have some level of control over and can relax. Perhaps it might take a little practice, but easy enough after a short while. However, the trickier bit is the internal sphincter. This muscle is far less easy to control as it is all part of the nervous system that does things automatically, such as your heart beating. However, you can help make this more accessible by relaxing. Yes, you need to master inner Jedi tranquillity while being a slutty whore in the build-up to anal sex. Any anxiety you have about anal sex will tighten up the inner sphincter and make things a little bit trickier. So practice emptying your mind and don't rush; you will quickly get used to this with a bit of time, no pressure and practice.

Masturbation does not make you blind. It just makes you cum.

Look, masturbation is fun. Everyone does it. Even if they are getting plenty of satisfying slutty sex. There is no pressure, and it makes the perfect time to explore while being in total control of what happens and instantly responding to sensations. Why not play with your ass and genuinely understand how it all feels without any expectations or the horny urgency of someone else wanting to get off.

Don't forget my top slut tip and use lube. Always use lube when playing with your ass.


You do not have your ass fucked like the pistons on a steam train if you don't want to.

You don't have to be fucked in the ass as all to enjoy anal play. You can enjoy anal play without any penetrations.

If you are new or nervous, remove full-on penetrative anal sex off your horny menu of delights and enjoy licking, sucking, kissing, giving massages, and seeing what feels right.

It is not all about the ass.

Remember that once you start anal play, don't ignore the rest of your partner. You still have spare hands to touch, grope, scratch, slap or choke. (Yes, please, I love being chokes and ass fucked at the same time). All of the other attention and stimulus helps distract your senses from concentrating on the one thing that may be making you very anxious. It is also really hot. Think about how you can play with your ass, clit and pussy all at the same time. Now, that's how to make a girl happy.

Get some anal toys into the toy box.

Tiny butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, vibrating butt plugs, strap ons, double dildos and massive anal butt plug big enough to stop a ship from sinking after being hit by an iceberg are all available. Just get some and use them yourself or with the person your fucking.

Patience is a virtue

The best anal sex comes from waiting. I mean, hold off for as long as possible and make sure you are as horny as fuck. I like to be fucked normally then switching it up to anal. Once I am in a slut like frenzy, I'm wet, relaxed and ready. Slip a quick squirt of lube you can slide into my ass and fuck me to your heart's content.

Doggy v any other position.

Who made the rule that anal sex has to be mean doggy? If you are anxious about being ass fucked, then why not get in a position to control the trusting. Why not climb on top or perhaps missionary where you are face to face and can communicate easier. Spooning is a hot way too. It's naturally a slower, more grinding way of being fucked which discourages your partners naturally exuberance from taking over, and you suddenly experiencing the power driver he once saw on extreme porn film on PornHub.

Never double-dip from ass to pussy.

There is a golden rule with anal sex with a girl. Once anything has been put anything in the ass, it should never go in her pussy. It can lead to all types of irritating or unpleasant infections. That is enough to put a girl off anal sex forever. So if you ever want to ass fuck her again, do not double-dip.