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Aphrodisiacs: is it always chocolate-covered strawberries?

First things first, I know you horny lot probably don’t need a lot of help getting super excited and DTF but there’s always an appropriate (or inappropriate) moment to pull out an aphrodisiac to help set the mood no?

But what exactly ARE they, and how on earth do they work?!

Tuck in your napkins, and prepare your forks because you are about to get horny!


So these are up there in the number one slot of food items that people know are used as an aphrodisiac. Apart from looking like tiny vaginas (i’m sorry if i’ve ruined these for you forever now), they actually help improve your sperm count AND your testosterone due to the vitamins and minerals they contain!

Pass the Tabasco?


These roots have their roots in homeopathic medicine but have shown to be super beneficial in improving libido in men and post-menopausal women. This one is actually scientifically proven, so I mean it’s worth a shot?


Aside from the sexual nature of their juices running down someone's chin… no just me? Pomegranates have long been heralded as helping with blood flow. And we all know where blood flow is needed for long shagging sessions don’t we?!


Hold up… I thought we were talking about things that make us want to get down and dirty, not warding off vampires?

The smell can actually enhance sex, the properties in garlic that allow the relaxing of blood vessels leading to increased bloody flow to all of those important places again. But, I totally understand if you want to give this one a miss - morning breath is bad enough without combining it with garlic!


I love chocolate, possibly more than life itself but this one actually isn’t all that much of an aphrodisiac. We all know that eating chocolate makes us feel good about ourselves which in turn may improve our sexual wellbeing but it’s not proven. HOWEVER, do not deny yourself that chocolate flavoured body paint just yet…


So long as you keep these away from your genitals (unless you’re into that sort of thing), you should be okay. Chillies aren’t actually an aphrodisiac but they do get your feel-good feelings going due to the caspaicin. So whilst your partner might not thank you, you can have that Friday night curry and get jiggy with it after… so long as you remember not to go down on them… they definitely won’t be thanking you!!

What is your favourite aphrodisiac? Have I missed anything that you think, that turns me right on or just gets you in the mood?

I’m all for being fed anything whilst I’m naked, blindfolded and handcuffed…

Xoxo Serena