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Banned words on OnlyFans? Here is the full list...

Sometimes it gets really frustrating typing out your messages only to be told that OnlyFans have banned that word.

Now, don’t send your hate towards OnlyFans. It’s not really their fault. It’s all driven out from their credit card processing companies. They like to sanitise their edgier adult content clients due to their shareholders and corporate social responsibility.

Now many of these words I think need to be banned as it prevents the discussion of illegal acts here in the UK where OnlyFans is based. However, there are some words in normal everyday use or refer to legal sexual activity here in the UK. However, rules are rules and hopefully, this list of words you can not use on OnlyFans will help you out.

So here is the list of all the words you can not use on Onlyfans

Abuse Abused Abuses Alcohol Asleep Abduct

Abducted Abducting Abduction Admireme Animal Asphyxia

Asphyxiate Asphyxiation Asphyxicate Asphyxication Bait Ballbusting Bareback Beastiality Bestiality Blacked Blackmail

Bled Bleed Bleeding Blood Bloodplay Bukkake

Brutal Brutality Brutalized Caned Caning Cannibal

Canibalism CBT Cervics Cerviks Cervix Child

Chloroform Chloroformed Chloroforming Choke

Choking Coma Comatose Coersed Consent Cycle

Disgrace Disgraced Diapers Dog Doze Drinking

Drunk Drunken Drug Drugs Drugged Drugging

Enema Entrance Escort Escorting Fanfuck Farm

Fecal Fetal Fisted Fisting Flogging Foetal

Forced Forcedbi Forcedfem Forceful Forcefully Forcing

Fuckafan Fuckfan Gangbang Gangbangs Gaping Golden

Hardsports Hooker Hyp Hypn Hypno Hypnotize

Hypnotized Hypnotizing Hypnodomme Hypnofetish Inbreed Inbred Inbreeding Incapacitate Incapacitation Incest Intox Inzest Infant Intoxicate Intoxicated Intoxcates Intoxicating Intoxication Incapacitated Jail Jailbait

Kidnap Kidnapped Kidnapping Kill Kills Killed Knock Knocked Liquor Lactate Lactation Lolicon Lolita Medicalplay Menstruate Menstrual Menstruate Menstruating Menstruation Molest Molested Molesting Mutilate Mutilation Necrophilia Nigger Nigga Niggaz Niggas Paddling Paralyzed Passed Pedo Pedophile Pedophilia Pee Peeplay Pegging Piss Pissing Poo Poop Preteen Prostituted Prostituting Prostitution PSE

Rape Raping Rapist Raped Scat Scratched Sedate Sedation Showers Skat Snuff Strangled Strangling Strangulation Suffocate Suffocation Teen

Toilet Toiletslave Toiletslavery Torture Tortured Torturing

Trance Unconscious Unconsciousness Underage Unwilling

Vomit Vomited Vomiting Watersports Whipping Young


If there are other words add them in the comments below and I’ll keep this list updated.