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Beginners guide to feet fetishes

Feet: Some people love them. Some people hate them.

Whichever side you are on, I thought I would create a beginners guide to feet fetish.

Now I am a complete shoe whore. I have far too many 6" - 10" heels in every colour you can imagine. However, I am not too keen on my own feet. So I am amazed at how many people are fascinated by my feet and wish to worship them.

Let's look at everything you need to know about foot fetishes. I'll set about answering every question someone should ask about foot fetishes.

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What is a foot fetish?

How common is a foot fetish?

Why do people love feet?

How do foot fetishes work?

Where can you explore your foot fetish?

Where to learn about foot fetish?

What is a foot fetish?

I bet you have already heard about foot fetishes. You do not have to be part of the kinky BDSM community to have come across it.

Quinten Tarantino exploits foot fetishes within his movies. Remember that scene in the Pussy Wagon with Uma Therman willing her toe to move?

For those of you in the UK with good memories, you will remember the royal scandal of Sarah Ferguson's pictures getting her toes sucked beside a pool shortly after her separation from Prince Andrew.

While these things put a spotlight on feet fetishes, it is not until they go from ordinary fascination to a level where they become a sexual interest in feet, toes, heels, ankles, shoes. It is then called podophilia (posh word for foot fetish).

Curiously foot fetishes have an endless number of small sub-communities. Some people go for the smell of the feet or used shoes. Others desire to be trampled underfoot in bare feet or heels. There is even a community of people that like to be 'toed' (yes, that is the real term), which is the use of toes instead of fingers in the mouth, pussy or ass.

How common is a Foot Fetish?

Having a foot fetish is far more common than you might think, and men seem to have a greater interest in feet than women. According to Lovehoney, it's also the most popular of the non-sexual fetishes in their most recent survey of us kinky brits. Sadly, due to the perception some people have of kink and those interested in different foot fetishes, many people still keep this aspect of their lives secret and don't even share it with their partners.

Why do people love feet?

Different people like and get aroused by different parts of the foot. They have interest in giving or receiving the feet attention. For some, it is a tactile experience. For others, it's visual or about their submission. Here are some of the most common reasons why people love feet.

💖 Feet are an erogenous zone.

Yep just like other sexual areas of your body, feet are packed with nerve endings. They are ultrasensitive to the touch. Even vanilla people get excited at the thought of a foot massage to help them relax while someone else caresses their feet.

💖 It's all in mind, according to Freud.

Psychology thinks it has the answer. Ever since Freud introduced the concept that feet symbolize cocks, and that is why people liked them, science has been looking for an answer. We now know that the brain's receptors for the sensations you feel through your feet are right next door to those used for your cock or vagina. Perhaps that links the two for so many people.

💖 The cultural obsession with feet.

Ever heard of the Cinderella complex? Yes, it is a real thing. It's where women who fear living independently crave a strong man to act as their' knight in shining armour' to rescue to look after them. The cultural fascination with the fairytale's perfect feet in the most exquisite glass slippers echoes of feet fetishes. No different to the Chinese practice of binding girls' feet to keep them as small as possible as this was considered more attractive than normal feet.

💖 Fancy dress

As soon as you start to show off your feet with fancy shoes, stockings, perfectly painted toenails and accessories, everyone's interest in your feet increases. I love massive heels to create a slutty standout look.

💖 The allure of the taboo

We all love a little bit of taboo, and while boring fucks and the media go around telling us that having a foot fetish is wrong, it will always add to the sense of danger and appeal to indulge in our foot fetishes.

💖 BDSM and foot play

Feet and power dynamics go hand in hand. Which I guess is why feet play such prominent roles in BDSM play. They can be worshipped, licked, kissed, rubbed in such a way as to create a submissive act for one and a dominant role for another. Alternatively, they can be used for trampling, restrained, beaten or tickled to provide an alternative, more masochistic sadist type experience.

How do foot fetishes work?

Any particular fetish is unique to the person that gets off on that experience. However, hard we try to place people in groups for our own convenience; ultimately, there are as many different ways to enjoy a feet fetish as there are people that get aroused over feet. To make it a little easier, I have put the main themes below.

💖 Shoes, stockings and sexy stuff

Dressing up feet can be enormously empowering and sexy to watch. It does not matter if it is a pair of Louboutin shoes, stripper heels, stocking & suspenders. Once you dress your feet up, someone will find it hot. This extends further into the Findom experience of buying the shoes for others to wear and even watching those same expensive shoes being walked through mud or destroyed while being worn some other way.

💖 How they smell

For many people, the ability to savour the aroma of a foot or shoe is a massive turn on. This is not an experience for them to rush. It is all about focusing closely on the scent's tiniest details. No different from a wine connoisseur studying the tones of fine wine. This particular type of fetish even has its own fancy name, olfactophilia. For many people, the act and sensation of smelling feet, socks or shoes is a highly sexual experience. Did you know there is a vibrant community of foot fetishes that specifically like the trainers' odour and have huge 2nd hand collections they have acquired?

💖 Foot worship

The power exchange in the act of worshipping another person can be an erotic experience. For many, the focus on the feet of another exaggerates their dynamic through the symbolism of being underneath a foot or shoe. The act of foot worship means they have to take a naturally submissive posture to do it.

💖 Be a foot masochist.

You haven't experienced true masochistic pain until you have had the soles of your feet beaten. I should know it hurts like fuck. Now Bastanaro (what you call beating the feet with a cane) is extreme. However, there are loads of other ways to stimulate sensations and pain. We already know that feet are jammed full of nerves, so using pinwheels, ice, feathers, or just tickling feet can be excruciatingly delicious and a massive turn on for some people.

Where can you explore your foot fetish?

So how can you scratch that foot fetish itch to learn and experience more?

💖 Start at home and talk to your partner. Remember, communicating your sexual likes and dislikes is a powerful way to a closer and more sexual relationship. If you're new to all this, how about you get started with some oils, lotions, lingerie and create a sensual experience where one can enjoy the act of rubbing, massaging, worshipping and smelling the feet of the other. It's a powerful way to start play before you get too horny and fuck like rabbits.

💖 If you don't have someone to share your fetish with, then connect with a professional. There are plenty of professional Dommes for real-life sessions or OnlyFans creators like me providing an online experience to help you explore your desires.

💖 How about giving your partner a foot job rather than a hand job? Just get comfy, get out your lube and wrap your feet around their cock or press it against their pussy. Making a foot fetishist cum like this will blow their minds as well as their loads.

💖 You can even let your partner fuck you while they can access your feet. For a girl, hook your legs over their shoulder while on your back so they can touch, suck and play with your feet while they fuck you. Alternatively, if you are dominant, push and rub your feet into their face and force them to endure that and additional verbal humiliation while they pleasure you.

Where to learn about your foot fetish?

BDSM is really progressive in how it advocates talking about sex. A foot fetish is no different and needs communication.

However scary you might think it is to talk about sex with your partner, the benefits of talking openly about what you like and don't like are key to creating an exciting and varied sex life. So the sooner you open up about your kinks or foot fetish to your partner, the better.

Outside of your relationship, there are some great foot communities that you can get involved with to learn more and talk to like-minded people.

💖 OnlyFans - There are great creators like myself creating amazing content for subscribers. OnlyFans is the perfect place if you like custom content pictures and videos made to order. Click here if you'd like to subscribe to my OnlyFans and talk about feet.

💖 Twitter - Check out the hashtags #footfetish #footfetish #footworship #footfetishnation #footqueen #mistress #sexyfeet #footslave. There is a massive community of models and foot fetishists here, often pointing you back into OnlyFans if you like looking at a particular model, which is the safest place to buy content.

💖 Fetlife - Another place with a huge foot fetish community with groups focused on every different type of foot fetish you can imagine. This is probably the best place to learn about foot fetishes.

💖 TikTok - Yes, even TikTok has a thriving community of creators making videos specifically for those that like feet. Just start searching for feet, and before you know it, you'll be finding all different types of feet models.

💖 Instagram - The original social media where those that love feet could admire accounts dedicated to pictures of someone's feet. Some influencers have enormous followings.


Feet can be really fun. wither use them in a little play or go all out and explore your foot fetish. Either way getting turned on by feet is common and it's a great type of kinky play to explore.