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Cuckolding: A bird, a plane, what exactly is it?

So when I first heard of the term cuckolding, I literally pictured a “cock” as in the bird. No, I don’t know why either.

After that weird mind-boggling, clearly I wasn’t having enough sex then, mind-flash I then pictured some bloke on the outside of a door peeping through the key hole whilst his wife gets railed up the arse by some ten foot bloke with a giant dick.

Cuckolding IS a fetish about watching your partner with another partner (yes you can watch them through the keyhole but it might be a lot better if you’re actually in the room) but it’s a whole lot more than that!

Ironically (and confusingly) cuckolding and enjoying it as a fetish doesn’t mean you are polyamorous, a swinger or anything else similar. Unlike polyamory, cuckolding doesn’t involve emotional relationships it is generally purely about sex, and unlike swinging the other partner generally doesn’t join in the sexual activities. I like to think about it as a very generous, sharing voyeur…

I probably wasn’t too completely bat-shit when I thought about “cocks” upon hearing the word. The term cuckold, comes from the bird called a Cuckoo, as it referred to men bringing up children that weren’t his biologically (the Cuckoo bird does this too, how modern!)

Whilst I’ve spoke about the man watching his wife get railed, cuckold can be in many shape or forms including the wife watching the man be shagged, or within same-sex relationships. It may involve consensual non-monogamy, polyamory and swinging too, despite its differences!

It can be a fetish of purely voyeuristic excitement, or it can actually be arousing due to the level of jealousy it creates in the person watching. Or, even as part of a consensual non-consent scene… imagine being the “hero” watching your wife be kidnapped, thrown in a back of a car and tied up and then “forced” (consensually I might add, consent is key) to have sex with her kidnapper. You watch working out a plan as to how to rescue her and then you rock in save the day and have the most wild animalistic sex ever.

I guess that’s just my fantasy then…

Despite sounding like you’re just letting your other half go off and shag to their heart's content (and you kind of are), similarly to the discussions needed before engaging in any BDSM play, the discussions before engaging in cuckolding and the surrounding conversations (hey you’ve got to talk about what you’re into!) can actually strengthen a relationship!

So go out there, and get your cock...I mean cuck...on!