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What to do when you get cum in your eye?

There is something you need to know about getting cum in your eye.

It hurts like a mother fucker, sends them temporarily blind, leads to infections and exposes the poor recipient to the risk of STI's.

What is that I hear? "Porn stars get cum in their eyes all the time." Well, here's a little secret that will spoil porn a little for you. IT'S NOT REAL CUM.

This is why the moment you get your cum from someone's eye, they are thinking about castrating you with a rusty spoon as the most sensible preventative measure to make sure you will never do it again.

So here is everything you need to know about getting cum in your eyes and what to do if it happens.

The basic stuff you need to know.

How to clean your eye after getting cum/sperm in it.

Does cum or sperm in your eye hurt?

Will sperm or cum in your eye give you blurred vision?

WIll cum / sperm turn my eye red, and how long will it last?

How do I soothe the pain from cum in your eye?

What if your symptoms from having semen in your eye fade?

Most common eye infections resulting from getting cum or sperm in your eyes

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Bacterial infections.

Symptoms of common sexually transmitted infections in eyes

The basic stuff you need to know.

You are probably reading this through one eye because you have just got sperm in the other eye. Either that or you are now feeling really guilty after seeing just how awful it is for someone else to get semen in their eye. I would guess that by now the eye is red already, and you are a little worried about what to do and if there are any risks. Don’t worry I have you covered in this blog.

I will tell you how to;r clean up the mess and your eye, soothe any irritation or pain, give you good advice regarding potential infections and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases after getting sperm in your eye.

How to clean your eye after getting cum/sperm in it.

These steps are from the World Health Organization in case you get for getting bodily fluids out of your eye:

Step 1. Don't panic. Firstly - DO NOT RUB YOUR EYE and spread the semen / cum about on the surface of the eye and make it worse.

Step 2. If you wear contact lenses, leave them in. The contacts will give some protection from the cum in your eye until you rinse it out.

Step 3a. Rinse your eye with water or saline solution (like eye drops) as soon as possible. You want to flush out as much of the sperm and ejaculate it from your eye as possible.

Step 3b. Alternatively, sit in a chair, tilt your head back, and have someone gently pour water or saline over your eye.

Step 4. Make sure you pull your eyelid down or up so you can thoroughly rinse the area hidden underneath and get all the cum out from your eye.

Step 5. Splash your eye as well as the area around it over the sink. Continue until you think the semen has been rinsed out, or jump in a shower and allow the water the flow over our face to wash the sperm and cum away.

Step 6. Now you can remove your contact lenses. You will either want to start a new lens or clean and clean the cum from the contact lens with saline solution. You can put the contact back in afterwards, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Warning - Never be tempted to use soap or disinfectant to wash out your eye. You don't need it, and you will make it more painful and could cause damage to your eye.

Does cum or sperm in your eye hurt?

Yes, it does. There is no escaping the fact it's somewhere between ouch that's a little uncomfortable to screaming like a motherfucker. The pain should fade, and in a moment ill let you know how to soothe it once you have done your immediate first aid.

Will sperm or cum in your eye give you blurred vision?

Yes, it will. Your eyes are delicate, and semen contains acids, enzymes, zinc, chlorine and sugars. Any one of these would upset your eyes, let alone all together.

WIll cum / sperm turn my eye red, and how long will it last?

You now know that sperm has loads of things that will irritate the eye's surface, and the body's natural reaction to anything like this is to respond with inflammation and redness to help the repair. If you have successfully removed all the cum from your eye, it's likely to return to normal after 24 hours.

How do I reduce the pain from cum in your eye?

If your eye(s) does not settle down quickly, keep flushing your eye over the counter eye drops or saline solution. You might find placing a warm or cool wash cloth or compress over the eyes helps reduce the symptoms as well.

If your eyes are sore, consider some over the counter pain relief, which might help too in the first few hours when the pain is at its peak.

Warning - Do not start rubbing your eyes. I know how tempting it is, but you will only make the redness worse. Just go back and repeat the steps for cleaning out your eye.

What if your symptoms from having semen in your eye fade?

First, don't panic. In the first instance, repeat the steps to clean out your eye. However, if the pain and discomfort continue for more than 24 hours, contact your doctor or medical professional. There is a risk that you have got an eye infection.

Just be 100% honest with your Dr. I promise they have heard it all before, and it may prompt the sensible conversation about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) as a result of getting sperm in your eye, which I cover shortly.

Most common eye infections from getting cum or sperm in your eyes


A stye is a form of eye inflammation triggered by Staphylococcus bacteria in the eye. So it's doubtful that semen was the direct cause of the infection. Most likely, all the disruption after the event has allowed the bacteria to invade your eye.


You can get conjunctivitis (pink eye) from some bacteria in sperm or semen. Typically you will start to experience discomfort with discharge in the corner of the eye, which collects on the eyelids.

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Bacterial infections.

More alarmingly cum can also contain bacteria from Sexually Transmitted Infections Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis.

Common symptoms of STI’s in the eyes after getting sperm in them include:

  • eyelid swelling

  • grittiness, as if there's dirt in your eye

  • pink or red tinge to the eye

  • itching in one or both eyes

  • light sensitivity

Click here for more specific details on the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in the eye.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see a doctor or other healthcare provider for tests and diagnosis.

Sexually Transmitted Infections - HIV

It is possible to contract HIV after getting semen or cum in your eye, but it's not common, so do not panic.

The CDC doesn't have an official estimate on the risk of transmission from semen to the eye. However, they place the risk of "throwing body fluids" like semen which could enter the eyes or respiratory systems, as "negligible."

Bonus extra section

Symptoms of common sexually transmitted infections in eyes

Symptoms for Herpes in the eye

If your partner is experiencing an active herpes outbreak, you're at greater risk for contracting the infection. When the herpes virus affects the eye, it's known as Ocular Herpes.

If left untreated, ocular herpes can lead to a severe infection that affects the cornea and vision. typical symptoms include:

  • swelling

  • Tearing

  • redness

  • soreness

  • light sensitivity

Although there isn't a cure for the herpes virus, you can manage symptoms with anti-inflammatory eye drops and oral antiviral medication.

Symptom of Chlamydia in the eye

The typical symptoms from Chlamydia in the eye include:

  • persistent irritation

  • pus-like discharge from the eye

  • eyelid swelling

Antibiotic eye drops can treat it.

Symptom of Gonorrhoea in the eye

The typical symptoms from Gonorrhea in the eye include:

  • light sensitivity

  • pain in the eye

  • Pus-like discharge from the eye

Oral and eye-drop antibiotics can treat it.

Symptoms of Syphilis in the eye

Syphilis is rare, but if you leave this untreated, ocular syphilis can lead to blindness. The typical symptoms may include:

  • redness

  • pain

  • vision changes

Oral and eye-drop antibiotics can treat it.


More often than not, the pain and discomfort will become fad quickly, and your eye will return to normal after a few hours.

For next time remember to keep your eyes shut till you have cleaned your face. If you get cum or sperm in your eye, wash it out and consult your Dr if you experience any of the symptoms that might suggest you have an infection.