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Do you want cream with that? Sploshing and other food fetishes

What is Sploshing?

No it isn’t just putting squirty cream on someone’s nether regions and licking it off, although it is a little. Sploshing is where copious amounts of wet and messy food stuffs, think custard, jelly, ice-cream... or basically the food you serve at a kids party… being played and used in a sexual way or for sexual gratification. It can involve non-food stuff like bubbles, paint, slime etc.

Some people enjoy having these things poured/ thrown/ trampled in and on themselves, and others like watching other people get down and dirty with it.

What do people get out of it?

Some people may enjoy the feeling of humiliation when things are poured over them, others may just actually enjoy the tactile sensations the different types of substances create for them. For example, going from standing on something hard and unpleasant (i.e. rice) to pushing your feet into something soft and squishy (i.e. jelly).

Also it’s a bit naughty, people may feel as though they are doing something that is taboo and not allowed...perhaps even more so if incorporated along with age-play. “Look how much mess i’ve made, mummy.”

There’s also a slightly different niche to sploshing, that is sort of related but not all at the same time. Mukbang. Now, this is not necessarily a sexual fetish but it can be.

Mukbang is where people will consume huge amounts of food in a short period of time, and the watcher gets some satisfaction (possibly sexual) out of watching the food drip down their chins... I don’t know a lot about this kink because the sound of other people eating makes me irrationally angry but there you go. And before you ask it’s a real disorder (Misophonia)!

How do I try it out?

You don’t have to go and jump into a bath filled with baked beans from the offset, you also can if that’s your thing, but start slowly. Watch videos of people sploshing, using food in their play, eating food. Figure out if it’s your thing!

You can also start off with really simple stuff, like chocolate flavoured body paint, or using actual chocolate and of course the ever popular whipped cream. Or you could go all American Pie and just use an apple pie! Whatever floats your boat in custard!