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Exhibitionism: What is the show all about?

Perhaps one of the most underrated, or inappropriately used kinks in my opinion. We are all natural exhibitionists, generally, think about all of those photos you post on your Instagram for the world to perve over your butt in those tight gym leggings (yes, that is exhibitionism).

Exhibitionism is often viewed negatively… that weirdo creepy man who flashes his penis to unsuspecting victims, or the streaker running across the football pitch. In Psychiatry exhibitionism is explained as an unnatural desire to show unsuspecting public ones genitals, often with the intention to cause shock and alarm. Great, totally dispelling the myths of said flasher above!

Exhibitionism is not necessarily just that. You won’t get me flashing my tits to the postman on a morning when I pick up my parcels (well, not intentionally anyway or at least not all of the time... ). No, moving away from the I want to flash my bollocks at people stereotype, exhibitionism can be explored safely and consenually at places like sex parties and orgies, where the typical dress code consists of lingerie or less. No this doesn’t mean I impose my naked/ lingerie clad self on others unwillingly, just that being in a place whereby it is okay (and legal, I might add) to walk around in clothes that just about cover my butt, gives me a rush of excitement.

In this way orgies and sex parties are great places to explore your exhibitionist side or even explore some voyeruism if that is your kink. Nothing improves confidence more than strutting around in some sexy underwear and heels feeling a million dollars either way! I’ve also found Killing Kittens during lockdown which has been super fun to explore! Click here if you want to sign up too!

A new form of exhibitionism online is taking off, or has been over the past couple of years. Yes this does include the site that shall not be named, but actually started off with amateur performers and models posting nudes online on places like Tumblr and sharing on Snapchat. With the banning of nakedness on Tumblr this has of course generated even more influx into the site that shall not be named as it allows for the exhibitionists to enjoy sharing their bodies to those that really and consensually want to see it.

I genuinely believe it is within all of us, even just a teeny tiny bit. I mean who hasn’t posted a photo onto social media and been super excited when someone has loved it or shared a comment?

Xoxo Serena