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10 thoughts I've had whilst I swallow...

I am a good slut. When I give a blow job I will always:

💖 Let you cum in my mouth 💖 Swallow every last drop 💖 Open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue 💖 Smile at you 💖 I may even give you a cheeky wink (saved for guys that have done a good job) 💖 Thank you for treating me like a slut

BUT...have you ever wanted to know what is going on inside my mind? What I really think about whilst I’m being your perfect little slut?

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Here are 10 things that have crossed my mind as I swallow cum:

💖 I’ve only just cleaned my teeth and I’m going to have to do it all over again. I am a good girl and clean my teeth after every meal.

💖 No, there really is not enough protein in this to make any difference. It certainly will not replace my post-workout snack. Science says there are fuck all calories or protein despite you telling me your cum is special.

💖 I wonder what you were eating yesterday. I taste a hint of tarragon and perhaps a little lemon, but I can’t place it.

💖 I’m flattered you even took me out to eat before fucking me. Most guys just go straight to the main event. Sadly, splashing out at McDonald's has made me want something sweet for dessert, not salty.

💖 I’ve already had my big evening meal and I feel really full. I just don’t want to eat another mouthful and I’m going to have to force this down.

💖 I suddenly need to tell you something, but my mouth is full. Is it rude to speak with my mouth full of your cum?

💖 This is going to mess up my meticulous meal plans. I’m not even sure how my dietician will react to my food diary seeing I’ve been swallowing a mouthful of cum two or three times a day all week.

💖 Will this make me fart later? Will they be stinky? That’s not hot and the guy I’m meeting after you is really cute.

💖 I wanted to wait and save swallowing your cum for a special occasion. I want you to think I’m an innocent girl you can take home to see your mum rather than a cock hungry slut, which is my natural personality.

💖 I asked for a pay rise and equal pay to the guys when I came into your office. Depositing cum in my mouth is not the same as a pay rise and depositing money into my bank account.

💖 If you don’t get it all in my mouth, miss or I dribble I’m going to have to do my makeup again. You have no idea how much effort I went to so I looked hot so you would want to face fuck me in the first place, do you.

Don't forget to LOVE this post and tell me about what you think as you empty your load or swallow it in the comments.