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How to make money on OnlyFans

One of the things that I love about Onlyfans is the range of different ways that a creator can make money. It suits different levels of subscriber engagement as well as their different levels of disposable income.

It also gives the creator a range of different ways to engage their audience. So you can use multiple products or variations of products which attract different types of subscribers.

Here is my guide to making money on OnlyFans from beginner to expert.

The basics

There are five basic ways of creating an income on OnlyFans.


Subscription is the backbone to the OnlyFans platform. After all, you need to get your fans to subscribe to your account even if it is free. All subscribers have to make a conscious decision to “press” your subscribe button.

Do you want to allow people to join you for free and target a high volume with a low lifetime average spend? Or do you want a smaller targeted and loyal audience with a higher average lifetime spend?

If you do go with paid subscriptions, think about how much you would like to charge. The majority of OnlyFans creator's subscriptions range in the $8 - 15 per month for nude, lewd and adult content.

PPV (Pay Per View)

One feature of OnlyFans is a creator's ability to place content behind a paywall. This feature can be in your feed, direct or mass messages. You get the option to charge extra to the subscription price for you most desirable or naughtiest content. The minimum amount you can charge for PPV -Pay Per View Content on OnlyFans is $3 and the maximum id $50.

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Every picture, video and post you put up on your feed allows your fans to tip you if they like it. The feature extends to you being able to give your subscribers a tipping target for them to reach for a specific post as well.

There is a tip limit of $200 for established creators and $100 for those newer to OnlyFans.


For creators who are comfortable going in front of the camera, you can stream to your subscribers. Streaming creates money-making traditional to cam shows. You can arrange these as private or open to all subscribers.

OnlyFans Referral programme

Once you are a member of OnlyFans you can access their affiliate programme. The referral programme is posh speak for you get a percentage of someone else’s earnings if they join only fans after using your link.

The referral programme gives 5% of the new creator's earnings for the first 12 months but is limited to the first $1 million earnt by the new account. This limits you to a maximum of £50,000 per referral.

Become a money-making pro on OnlyFans

Let us go all pro and look at how you can maximise the money you make from each of these.

Free Subscription

Subscription fees account for about 35% of my total income. Which means if you want to run a free subscription you have to make up for this in having far more subscribers that you hope will engage with your other paid service.

A free subscription makes it easy for people that have little or no vested attachment to you to subscribe and then stay subscriber until they actively decide to unsubscribe to your OnlyFans. However, now you have to build connections with your subscribers so that you can make your money.

Introductory discounts

To help entice subscribers to sign up to your OnlyFans you can offer a range of discounts.

OnlyFans has a great feature that allows you to provide a range of times and the ability to limit the number of free trials you give out.

You can provide a discounted subscription giving a range of up to 60% discount off the initial month subscription. After the first month, the subscriber pays the full subscription.

Paid for subscriptions

You can choose to have a monthly paid subscription. You decide how much you charge each subscriber per month. Typically those new to OnlyFans tend to charge between $5 - $10 and more established creators $10 - $15. However, you can charge anything you wish up to $49 per month.

On top of this, you get the option to create subscription bundles for 3, 6 and 12 months. With each subscription bundle, you can offer a discount for long term subscriber. To give even more incentive offer a little content reward to everyone that take up these offers and promote the min your feed once in a while.

Get tipped for something specific.

A great way I have increased my tips is to give my subscribers something specific to tip me for. Think about asking your audience what they would like to see next in a survey. Then choose an outfit or the toys that you will need and then give this as a tip target for your subscribers to reach.

It amazes me how generous subscribers are when I match up what they want with outfits and tip goals.

Send them something in the post.

Items through the post are not for every subscriber as many values their privacy. However, there are always some subscribers that will pay for things delivered. Just think about old fashioned photo bundles. Some of my subscribers love these and pay a huge premium price.

What about a little valentines bundle with a card some polaroids and a teddy sprayed with your favourite perfume? Just use your imagination to talk to your subscribers and find out what they would like to receive. Just remember to charge a huge premium for this.

Don’t forget about audio

As an additional way to increase money and the range of products, you can use the audio feature only. I find this great for reading erotic bedtime stories for my subscribers. I find this incredibly popular and run a regular series of these once per week. As well as this offer a custom service to read out any extract, from any book a subscriber would like.

Create a Tip Menu

The longer you are creating content for OnlyFans the more content that you use once, but never go back to it again.

To make sure you get the most value from your best / most popular work. Consider making a tip menu and posting it at the top of your page.

Give your subscribers a range of picture bundles, videos and other stuff that they can buy at any time by sending a tip. I like to give a “code word” to each bundle for the subscribers to attached with their tip, so I know what to send back.

Custom Content

Subscribers love custom content. The range of requests always amazes me. I have a set fee that I charge for picture bundles and different lengths of videos, but again this is a premium service. If I need a particular outfit, the subscriber will need to tip extra and any time involved in getting ready to do their specific request justice. Just give regular shout outs that you are available for custom work and people will keep asking.

There are even some subscribers that once you get to know them well well, you can even make custom content in advance. Then ask if they want it, as you know what they like and they buy everything that you do.

Charge for sexting

I love chatting with my fans. I love flirting with my fans too. However, I charge for sexing at a premium. Sexting is a little like creating custom content. The minimum time I allow people to buy in advance for 1 hour. Sexting is a high price service starting at over $100. There are great opportunities to be up-selling pictures and short videos during these sessions so don’t underestimate the power these have for generating extra income.

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Offer phone calls

Phone calls are something that I have not tried but seen some OnlyFans creators charge tips for. It is a super premium service. I have seen this on average at £300 per half hour. Always make sure that you take all the correct precautions to make yourself safe by either having a spare phone exclusively for this or withholding your number.

Full Girlfriend experience

With some OnlyFans creators charging $900 - $1500 per day, this is a dawn to dusk 100% focused messaging, picture and video service. Messaging and roleplaying the slutty girlfriend all day for 26 hours can be exhilarating, but it is also exhausting. It leaves little time for your life that day or for the business of running your OnlyFans.

However, if you have high net worth subscribers, this is a great way to drive engagement, as well as the amount of money you earn.

I hope you found some new ways to make money out of your OnlyFans subscribers. The longer I work as a creator the more ideas I have to make money and the more monthly income increase.

Why not put some of your ideas in the comments below and I’ll add them to this list with a link through to your OnlyFans account.