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Guide on safely pulling hair during sex

There is one thing that will make my eyes transform into laser beams wanting to melt your face off! - You not knowing how to pull my hair like a pro.

In the heat of passion get this wrong and I will go from an overflowing oasis to drier than the Sahara Desert during a heatwave in milliseconds.

So, to avoid me melting your faces off and shutting up shop just when I am ready to fuck, I’ve created this simple guide on how to pull a sluts hair like a real pro.

So here are my top tips on how to instantly become a hair-pulling pro:

💖 Plan to grab as much of my long red hair as possible in one hand 💖 Take your time and dig your fingers deep into my perfectly brushed hair 💖 Close your grip as close to my scalp as possible 💖 Grip my red hair as tight as you can and start using it to control me

What you should never ever ever do is:

💖Be lazy and grab a small amount 💖 Be lazy and grab it at the end 💖 Be lazy and think you can pull in it like a bungee rope and yank on it so that my head snaps back with your full force

If you do any of those consider your good looks becoming a distant memory as my laser beam eyes will latch onto you instantly, and that shit burns… they call us redheads hot for nothing...