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How ordinary guys pull hot ass women

I know a good few hot ass girls that, date, fuck or marry short, too bald, too fat dudes, so don’t count yourself out. Really hot girls do like ordinary guys and here’s why.


First of all, good looks are subjective and everyone’s turned on by different shit. I mean, I absolutely love a dad bod, I can’t help. When I'm checking out guys it’s unlikely to be the Greek Adonis looking at himself in a mirror that catches my eye. Far more likely, I’ll be checking out the normal guys that have taken the trouble to look good, smell nice, dressed well and having a good time laughing with some friends.

So put on your finest in casual attire, spritz on a bit of good cologne, and rock your look with confidence before you know it hot girls will be checking you out.


Making me laugh is the fastest way to find out what underwear I’m wearing. I promise, just chat to me, be relaxed and start making me giggle and you are already pulling me in. Nothing gets me more wondering what you’ll be like fucking me than humour. Not only does it break the ice, but it helps me avoid awkward conversation and proves you don’t take yourself too seriously, crucial elements in seducing me.

Now, get practising your best humour before that hot ass girl comes to talk to you. Do not blow it because you're nervous or the jokes suck.


This is just an awkward, yet important fact. There are just a lot more ordinary guys while the rarer “good lookers” are too busy fucking their way through the female population to ever be available for a meaningful relationship. They may fool a girl for a few weeks or even a couple months, but eventually, another pussy will beckon them, and they will sticker their dick in it faster than a greyhound out of a trap.

An "ordinary" dude, on the other hand, they are keepers. They will savour the experience of being with a hot girl like nothing else. In my experience, they’re generally not as greedy as their better-looking counterparts and don’t go cheating.


Now before you, hot guys get all sensitive. I don’t meet every single last one of you. Just the majority, but definitely not you specifically (if you are a hot guy and read this far), I'm sure you're lovely. However, my experience is, the majority of classically good looking guys are super annoying. It’s as if after years of getting compliments they become obsessed with hogging the mirrors to ensure they keep receiving them. I mean, how is a girl meant to get ready and live up to the expectations of perfection if a moody fit guy takes up my mirror space.

Simply put, the "ordinary" guy is kinder and far more likely to give up the mirror when I need it.

So why do ordinary guys actually do pull hot ass younger girls?

To ensure fairness. I know some ordinary guys that are complete assholes and cute guys with hearts of gold. However, it is my experience, if I had to choose between a sexy Greek Adonis or a shorter, rounder slightly balding guy that makes me chuckle, I’d go for the “ordinary” guy 95% of the time. They are the keepers.

Just never judge me for the 5%. Sometimes, on a rare occasion, I just might give up my mirror space for just one night. :)