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How to add OnlyFans to your iPhone homepage

I am a creator, so I am going onto OnlyFans all the time from my iPhone. I reckon that I do 80% of all my OnlyFans through my iPhone and because it is a website rather than an app I wanted a shortcut. All I wanted was to press one button and for OnlyFans to open up.

Eureka - there is a way.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to get an OnlyFans tab on your iPhone home page.

Visit from our safari from your iPhone

  1. Visit from our safari from your iPhone

  2. Open the share /export menu on the home page and tap ‘Add to home screen’

  3. Tap ‘Add’ - you can rename the link here if you wish.

  4. You now have a tab direct into OnlyFans.

  5. Now press and hold on the new OnlyFans tab until it jiggles

  6. Now with your finger sweep it to where you want it on your iPhone.

I know this is an awesome OnlyFans Hack. It saves me so much time. I no longer have to go through Safari to visit the OnlyFans.