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How to create an amazing OnlyFans biography

A great OnlyFans Bio and landing page will convert visitors into subscribers. Here are the five key elements to make that awesome Onlyfans Landing page.

So, you have done the hard work. You have created enough interest for someone to “click” on your Onlyfans link. All you have to do now is convince them to press subscribe.

Your bio and OnlyFans landing page have five key elements that you must consider to ensure your visitors convert to subscribers:

  • OnlyFans banner

  • OnlyFans profile picture

  • The number of posts

  • The number of likes

  • OnlyFans bio

Before you get started creating your bio do some research. Take some time to visit as many different OnlyFans pages as you can. Consider which ones you like.

What they are doing well? What do you not like as much about them? Once you have done all your research use this to give you ideas for your own.

OnlyFans banner

Your banner goes across the top of your landing page. This is perfect for a high-resolution single picture or collage of your best pictures.

Why don’t you create a bespoke banner using some basic graphic design skills? Use sites like to create your banner. The optimum size for your OnlyFans banner is 1227 x 180 pixels. Experiment with mixing pictures and text to create something you like.

Social Media Top Tip - One powerful way to help visitors feel comfortable with your OnlyFans landing page is to have the same banners on all of your social media.

OnlyFans profile picture

If you are comfortable showing your face the best OnlyFans Profile pictures are clear face pics. Alternatively, make sure you put up one of your most popular pictures.

Before you upload your picture make sure the image is in high resolution and crop your image into a square with the part of the image you want to use is right in the middle.

Social Media Top Tip - Make sure you use the same profile pic on all your social media platforms. If you have Instagram of Twitter choose one of your most popular pic based on the number of likes it received. This image is proved to resonate best with your audience.

The number of posts.

If you are new to OnlyFans this is one factor that is not immediately under your control, but you change it.

One key habit of all successful OnlyFans creators is long term, consistent posting. This is a practice that you should get into from the start.

Start producing as many pictures, videos and posts as you can. You can queue posts using the scheduling feature. This automatically posts once every 6 hours. This makes sure you have a consistent and steady stream of content going onto your page.

A great initial target is to get to 200 as fast as possible. Don't worry if you are posting 20 or 30 a day to start with. In the first few weeks, you are unlikely to have too many subscribers so focus getting your volume of posts up fast.

Sadly, many creators have given up by that point and our research suggests that this is the minimum number of posts subscribers would consider paying for.

Once you have 200 posts all you have to is keep going. Consistently posting 4 times a day will mean that by the end of 4 months you will have 500 posts and your number of posts will be a positive reason for visitors to subscribe as they can immediately access a huge amount of content and are reassured that you are an active creator who is committed to creating a great experience for them.

The number of likes

The more likes you have the more your OnlyFans stands out. Visitors can make a quick value judgement if people like your content. Which is a consideration if they will like it too.

Here are five strategies to maximise the number of likes on your OnlyFans page

  • Use your automated message to new visitors. - You can use a video, picture, as well as a written welcome to all new subscribers. New subscribers have not seen your content before. This is a massive opportunity to reward them for looking at all their content and reward them for giving you a certain number of likes in the first 24 hours.

  • Run a competition with your current subscriber to press like on all your pictures to win a reward.

  • Pin a post at the top of your profile to encourage comments and likes on your posts, giving rewards for subscribers who press like on a large number of posts.

  • Place a cheeky statement as the caption to a post and ask subscribers to press Love if they agree and comment if they do not

  • Like for like swaps (Grey hat technique) - It is possible to collaborate with other creators and swap 24-hour free access passes. Then you both go through and like all of one another posts.

OnlyFans bio

You have 1000 characters to create your OnlyFans Bio. Plenty of room to give your visitors information about yourself and what they can expect when they subscribe.

Use this space to give visitors a clear idea of what they can expect once they subscribe, such as:

  • How often you post, days and times

  • The type of content you create

  • When are they likely to be online and answer messages

Social Media Top Tip - If your OnlyFans page comes up in a Google search, Google will automatically show the first 160 characters of your bio. Make sure that you pack this 160 characters with all the most important information you would want someone to know.

Final OnlyFans profile tips

Once you have created the attention-grabbing profile that you like, keep improving it.

Use the simple statistics that OnlyFans provides with the number of visits to your OnlyFans Page each day, compared to the number of new subscribers.

Calculate the percentage of new subscribers you get from your visitors. Then look to improve one element of your OnlyFans profile and wait a few weeks and see how this affects your conversation rate. This way you can slowly keep improving your profile and gain more and more subscribers.