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How to have cyber sex and get off on sexting

Sexting and cybersex is a brilliant way to get your rocks off in a COVID secure way, but it is not the only way to do so!!

The internet is a brilliant and fabulous tool that has developed ways for people to interact with people from a distance both romantically AND sexually. And with the continued COVID fiasco, more people are turning to tech to get hot and bothered and why not?!

Online sex, shagging or other fun kinkiness (okay so you can't do impact play online unless you count spanking yourself with your laptop as online spanking?!) can involve a lot of different things such as:

💖 Video on for both (or more) parties - Think of it as a cyber zoom orgy. Just don't accidentally invite your boss, or you're going to have a lot of explaining to do on Monday morning.

💖 Video on for one party - If you're shy, and don't want the other person to watch you pleasuring yourself - keep your camera off. If the other person isn't happy with that - BAIL. Consent is key even online.

💖 Text only, sexting, erotica sharing anything that gets you WET.

Cybersex can involve your partner(s) (if you're in a long-distance relationship or unable to see each other), sex worker(s), or even virtual partners (YES SEX-BOTS ARE REAL).

It can take place over a variety of platforms, and here are some of my top favs:

💖 Click here and join me on OnlyFans - Not everyone has someone to have slutty conversations, sext or have cybersex with. OnlyFans is a great way to ensure you always have a willing partner to get your rocks with through test, pictures, video and even cam.

💖 Video conferencing/ messaging facilities - Yes that means Zoom, Skype, Face-time, Snapchat, WhatsApp. As advised previously don't accidentally pop up in your family WhatsApp group with your dick out - I can guarantee you will get unaroused faster than you can say "sorry Grandma!"

💖 Adult chat rooms - I'm not sure these are much popular anymore, but they do offer a good way of having fun sexy conversations with like-minded individuals and you CAN search for specific interests i.e. kink. Plus often you don't have to pay to enter all parts of the site.

💖 Virtual chat -Now, this is that sex-bot I was talking about, apparently, someone cleverer than me came up with a way of chatting dirtily with a computer. I can't say this would get many people off but to each their own!

💖 Cam sites - The more typical and popular way for people to enjoy cybersex. Also, a super fun way to support your friendly sex worker whilst getting to cum, win-win no?

💖 VR porn - VR porn creates point-of-view (POV) porn, that sometimes involves extra bits of kit to stimulate your, ahem, bits. Now that is something I could definitely get behind! (pun intended).

So there you have a bit of a whistle-stop tour of online cybersex. The MOST important thing for you to take away from this is for you to shop around, have fun, find out what works for you and potentially your partner(s), be safe, consensual and risk-aware and GET HORNY!