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How to look after a slutty redhead in hot weather

As most of you redophiles know, we don’t do very well when that big lamp in the sky is burning HOT. Our delicate skin has two colours - Percaline and 3rd degree burns and I recon kissing crispy skin is not a turn on for many

Here are my top tips for you to keep your slutty red headed princesses like myself safe in hot weather:

💖 Make sure your redhead isn’t wearing any clothing and inside - This makes sure she does not overheat while indulge her inner slutty exhibitionist nature

💖 If outside, position your body to block the sun from reaching her - This works best if you have her on her knees in your shadow. To make sure she stay still give her easy access to your cock and she'll stay still and safe for as long as it take to give you a blow job.

💖 Apply sunblock before taking her outside - Make sure you apply it everywhere. Cover every bit of her body to eliminate the risk of the sun reaching it. This has the second built in safety feature that no doubt this will make her horny and what to fuck and with any luck by the time you have finished the sun will have gone away.

💖 Ensure your princess is hydrated and kept cool at all times - A a regular supply of refrigerated white wine or beer should do the trick. Once she's a bit tipsy if they are like me their mind will turn to sex once again keeping her both safe but also full of energy to make sure she thanks you properly for looking after her in the hot weather.

💖 Procure a fan and lie fanning your princess gently as you worship her - Sometimes, her inner slut just needs to be worshipped and told how beautiful she is. Do a good job and she can remain still for hours listening to you and remain safe from the fiery ball of hell outside wanting to turn her into a burnt crisp

Tell me how you protect yourself from the sun?