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How to utilise lists on OnlyFans

Lists on OnlyFans can help you earn money and organise your subscribers.

OnlyFans allows you to organise your followers and subscribers into lists. These lists are a great way to put subscribers with similar interests or perhaps your top 5% spenders in a little group. Once in lists, you can send specific marketing to that group to enhancing your relationship with these fans.

How to use lists on OnlyFans

  1. Click on your profile picture

  2. Click on lists

  3. Add new list using the + at the top of the page

  4. Enter a list and use the : at the top of the page to delete, rename, clear or add users to this list

How to add a subscriber to a list from their profile

  1. Visit a subscribers or creators profile

  2. Click on the star next to their profile picture

  3. Click on the lists you wish to add them too or create a new list

Use a list to control who to send messages to

As a creator, being able to send PPV messages are a great way to generate extra income. OnlyFans allows you to send messages to subscribers in a specific list, as well as direct, or to everyone.

Three key ways that you can use lists to generate more money

  1. Have a list of the highest spending subscribers - You will always have some subscribers that will buy everything you create. Having these subscribers in a list means you can send more regular PPV messages, or PPV bundles which are more frequent, bigger or longer videos than to your standard subscribers.

  2. Have a list of subscribers with specific fetishes - Perhaps you have a group of subscribers with a specific interest in Feet (or something else). By creating a list of these fetishes, you can send specific messages and PPV content of their fetish without having to involve your other subscribers.

  3. Create a list of other creators - collaborating, chatting and working with other creators is a great way to enjoy your OnlyFans experience. It’s helpful to keep them in a separate list so they are easy to find in amongst your subscriber list.

Lists are powerful tools as soon as you start to gain several subscribers. Why not give them a go and see how they can help improve your and their OnlyFans experience.