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Why you will fall in love with a redhead when you f*ck her

This is how it works. WITCHCRAFT.

Oh no sorry, it's actually all to do with your brain.

When you fall in love, you become slaves to a tiny part of the brain called the ventral tegmental area. This keeps you on a perpetual dopamine drip giving a little hit every time you see, touch or think about a particular person. Dopamine is just like redhead’s secret love potion more addictive than cocaine. It is the ultimate love drug. Once it starts being linked to a redhead you can not get enough of this love drug. You become a slave to it and the redhead associated with it.

Now when it comes to sex, even casual sex with us redhead which we all know you prefer. The dopamine system in the brain goes into meltdown. It is pouring it’s addiction into your brain faster than a fire hydrant. This is enough to push you over the threshold into falling in love with us. Once we finish you off and let you cum there’s a flood of oxytocin and vasopressin. These neurochemicals are all linked up to the romantic attachment part of the brain. With this triple love position cocktail, you are helpless to our charm and fall in love.

So that is how us redheads bewitch you, otherwise known as fucking you into loving us for generations.

Please check out all the work of Helen Fisher a biological anthropologist. That means she is an expert on what goes on in your head when you fall in love and fuck.