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Is OnlyFans Safe? How to protect yourself!

It does not matter if you are a subscriber, a new OnlyFans creator or in the top 1% you might ask yourself is OnlyFans Safe?

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Keeping your OnlyFans account secure

Create a great password

Protecting your content pictures and videos

Blocking and restricting users Subscribers on OnlyFans

Choose what you let people see on your profile

Other stuff worth thinking about

Your right to ask and especially if you are posting mature or adult content you have to be aware that this can always carry some risks. So what we are going to do is to look at the features and services that OnlyFans incorporate to help keep you, your content and account safe as well as look at some of the other risks that you need to be aware of and how to make sure you keep yourself safe and happy.

Keeping your OnlyFans account secure

Keeping your OnlyFans account secure is your top priority to stay safe. It contains; all the amazing content you have created, all your personal information, bank details and access to all the money you have aren’t.

To make sure that you secure your OnlyFans account make sure you use two-step verification. Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator are great additions to improve your account security.

You can create a two-step verification once signed into your OnlyDans account. Go to Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification. Then follow the instructions to add either the QR code or the Keycode provided to your authenticator app. These steps will link either the Google or Microsoft authenticator app with your OnlyFans account. As soon as you have linked your account to the app, anyone trying to access your account will need the six-digit code from your phone. You can choose to do this every time from any device or every time you log into your OnlyFans account from a new secure device, and then once every 30 days.

You can get help from OnlyFans and their help centre if you're struggling to get this set up.

If you are worried that someone has accessed your OnlyFans account you can check it out. Just log-in to your OnlyFans account and go to Settings > Account and you can see the log.

If you believe there has been any suspicious activity on your account change your password immediately. In the rare event that your account has been accessed and your password has been changed locking you out of your account create a support ticket so the OnlyFans team who will help you out

Create a great password

OnlyFans allows you to create. However, it is up to you to make it unique and as difficult as possible to hack.

There are lots of different ways of creating passwords that are difficult to hack. My particular favourite is to use three different four-letter words. Inject capitals randomly throughout and insert 3 numbers and 2 special characters to

replace letters.

Protecting your content pictures and videos

Sometimes people steal your content and then use it without your permission elsewhere on the internet. As you increase your marketing and popularity this risk increases. To help you OnlyFans can place an automatic watermark on all the content you place on the site. This is no fail-safe but is a step up on other social media sites. You can turn on/off the watermark feature in Settings > Privacy and Safety.

This is enough to stop some casual opportunist taking of your content. However, this watermark is on the very bottom of the picture or video and can be cropped out or removed.

So it’s less likely to prevent determined people from stealing your work. To deal with them you may wish to look into reverse image searching your content. To find out if images have been taken and used elsewhere on the internet.

You can learn to do this by watching this video or following the instructions below.

How to do a Reverse Google Image Search on Desktop Browsers

Navigate to the Google Images main page or click here Google Images.

In the search bar, click on the camera icon with the alt ‘search by image’. This will give you a new search display offering you two options.

You can just copy and paste the Image URL, which allows you to use the URL from an image you have found on the internet. However, I prefer to upload a specific image from my phone or computer and ask Google to search using that.

The press search and google do the rest. It will return results based on your image.

You can finally use those results to find out if your images are used elsewhere and contact the hosting website and ask for them to be taken down.

Now despite everyone’s best efforts if your OnlyFans content is stolen and posted elsewhere, OnlyFans’ has a designated Copyright team that can help you, free of charge. To learn more, visit the OnlyFans Help Centre.

Blocking and restricting users Subscribers on OnlyFans

My experience is that most users of OnlyFans are amazing. They are respectful and our conversations are the best part of having my account. However, there are rare occasions where someone does not behave appropriately.

I like to have clear hard limits upfront as a sticky at the top of my feed. You can do similar too if you want. It sets the culture and a few sensible boundaries for subscribers to respect.

For those subscribers that overstep these boundaries or act inappropriately, you do have the option to either restrict or to block a specific subscriber.

To block a subscriber go to your subscriber's list. Then click the three dots next to the name of the user you want to block. Then click block and it’s done.

Should you find a subscriber repeatedly setting up an account after you have blocked them you can go to Settings > Privacy and Security. From here you have a specific IP address. Which for us normal folk means you can block a specific user's home or phone regardless of them making future multiple accounts.

You might think that outright blocking an OnlyFans subscriber is overkill. Luckily for you, there is the option to keep the subscriber, but restrict their interactions on your page. Restricting an OnlyFans user account means; they will still be able to see all your content and receive PPV messages from you but no longer be able to direct message you or comment on your pictures and videos.

If blocking seems like too big a step, you can also restrict users on OnlyFans. The method is the same as blocking a user but selects “Restrict” instead of “Block.” When a user is restricted, they will not be able to direct message you or comment on your posts. However, they will still be able to view and as the content posted.

Choose what you let people see on your profile

You can control many of the things people can see when they click through to your page before they subscribe.

Visitors to your page will be able to see your OnlyFans username and a small picture/avatar and cover picture. Take care to think about your Username and these images only reveal identifying personal detail you are comfortable releasing.

From this point, you have a huge amount of control to decide exactly what you show on your account

You are able to completely hide all your posts until someone subscribes to your account. This can be very powerful if you have NSFW content or you want to keep private the exact type of posts you are posting. You can alter your account visibility in your settings where you can also alter the privacy settings on:

  • Your activity status. This shows a little green light to show your subscribers if you are online or not

  • Your bio text. This is the short text explaining a little about you and your page.

  • Your fan count. This a statistic at the top of your page along with your number of posts and likes.

  • Your media count. Again a statistic at the top of the page explains the number of posts, pictures and videos you have posted.

  • Your friend's list. This is just what you imagine. It’s a list of your subscribers which I always have on private

  • The total sum of tips on individual posts.

  • You can opt-out of OnlyFans suggestions lists where OnlyFans suggests to subscribers accounts they may well like.

Overall, I feel that OnlyFans has gone to some length to help keep their clients safe online. However, there are a few more things worth considering so that you keep your identity and content safe.

Other stuff worth thinking about

Wish Lists

Give a little consideration to linking an amazon Wishlist to your account. On very rare occasions subscribers have made extraordinarily attempts to find people addresses through contacting amazon. Regrettably, there are rare occasions when they have been successful in finding addresses of creators. Now, not all is lost. Luckily, Amazon offers 3rd party drop off points in local stores and lockboxes which you can use to ensure you have that extra level of protection to help keep your home address safe.


Next, there is the YouTube trend of YouTube creators subscribing to an OnlyFans account and revealing content under the banner “I subscribed to [someone’s name goes here] so you don’t have too”. To be honest this seems to be focused upon the very biggest and usually famous creators. However, if they do reuse your content and show it during the video remember you have copyright over your content and can ask for it to be removed. However, this may have surreptitiously leaked that this is something you do when friends and family do not know.

OnlyFans hacks

Finally, from time to time groups of people subscribed to accounts manage to lift images and videos from OnlyFans. Then release massive volumes of content onto the internet. As your account gets larger, the risk of this will grow. Often this is something you can find just by reverse searching you OnlyFans username or reverse image searches. However, this can be time-consuming and once the genie is out of the bottle there is no way of putting this one back in again.

I personally feel there is no foolproof way of keeping my content exclusively on OnlyFans. There will always be someone that will want to take it and use it elsewhere. To that end, I accept this risk but protect myself by following these steps.

I really hope this has been useful. If you would like to learn more, you can visit the OnlyFans Help Centre. They are great at helping you out.