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Why body confidence will get you laid...

And no, you don't need a six pack.

Gentlemen - This guide could increase your chances of getting fucked into oblivion. So listen to what I am going to say.

Your specific body is not why girls want to suck you off. It is your confidence in your body that gets women wet want to fuck you.

I have come up with 9 things that you can do to increase your body confidence and help you have lots more sex:

Work with your core DNA but believe you can be better

We are a slave to our DNA. Your hight, skeleton, base muscle mass and cock size are all decided before you were born. So before you do anything except that there are some things you can not change and just have to work with.

I mean FFS did you ever pay attention to the body transformation of Chris Pratt from goofy rolly polly actor in Parks and Recreations to space-saving hero in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Accept you’re your own worst critic and start accepting compliments

I promise that you have a worse opinion of yourself than others. Start listening to compliments and say ‘thank you’. Never, again make an excuse or put yourself down after someone compliments you. Start to believe what people tell you.

Why not practice that in the comments below - Give two nice compliments to others about something you like about their profile and remember to be gracious and say ‘thank you’.

Reconsider your media inspiration

Stop looking at the Dwane ‘The Rock’ Johnson wishing you were 10 feet tall, as wide as a house and able to bench press VW golfs. Start thinking about some small and realistic short term goals that lead you to a bigger one down the track. Think ½ an inch of the waist in the first two weeks. Go for it you can do it!

Start sweating

Gentlemen, there is no short cut here. You need to get moving more, do something and start sweating. Walk further, start running, get a bike, run upstairs, go to the gym, start boxing, swim the English channel, fuck like a bunny five times a day. I do not care what you do. However, I can tell you that sitting on your ass will change nothing.

Stand up straight.

Stand straight and proud, adjust your posture to exude confidence. Do the male equivalent of shoulders back, tits out and a big smile. The way you walk tall and look confident. Even if you are faking it to start with. Get into that habit today.

Eat better

Stop eating all the wrong foods. Eat; fewer fatty foods, less refined sugar, plenty of lean protein, good volume of carbs and stay off all the stuff you already know is bad for you.

Look I know what I like to see in a man and its always confidence over six-packs. Make sure you own your body. These steps are not a boot camp to make yo body beautiful, rather body confident.

Respect your body

Remember to stop stuffing anything you want into your body expect it will run perfectly. P.S It is different if you want cock or similar. That does not count.

Change the way you look at yourself and stop whining on about how you look. Start talking in terms of respecting your body. Are you really respecting your body after 8 pints of lager, 12 shooters and a kebab? I do not think so!

Respect your body by sleeping the correct length of time, eating the right stuff and exercise. If you had a Ferrari you would never treat it like the car equivalent of a 30-year-old jalopy. SO start treating your body like a sleek Italian sports car, not a cheap ford Escort

Get just one outfit.

Buy some new clothes. One full outfit all bought at the same time that matches. If you think your shit and shopping and to be fair most men are doing some research. Look at a full outfit on a manikin, or modelled on a website then buy the whole thing. Treat yourself to shoes, socks, pants (trousers here in the UK), a belt and a shirt/t-shirt with a jacket or coat.

Then next time you need to go out, you already know what you are going to wear. Most importantly, you will get compliments rather that your friends will not joke that you dipped yourself in glue, ran into your wardrobe and wore anything that stuck to you.

PS I hear you cheeky fuckers at the back laughing thinking "It’s alright for her, look at her in the pictures." Just for you or any others that are hard of hearing. Women suffer from this too and some more than most.

I have transformed how I view myself over the past two years doing these eight things. So, remember to be kind to everyone and give compliments in the comments below.