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Period Sex - Gross or Great?

So there’s some debate as to whether people should even have sex on their periods. Well I say, fuck them (literally), and get down and dirty with it. Even if you do have to change the sheets after.

So what is it that makes us so “ick” about periods?

Most of our thoughts on period sex, and all that blood come from AGE OLD taboos that periods are “dirty”, “unclean” or could even be part of some witchy spell that we want to place on you to make you fall in love with us. When actually, in reality, it is just that period sex can be SO HOT you won’t want to fuck anyone else (ever).

But jokes aside, period sex is SO taboo many people who bleed refuse to have sex whilst Aunt Flo’s in town.

So to try and put that whole thing to bed… take a couple Tylenol, grab the hot water bottle and the chocolate and read on as to why period sex can be the best sex you’ll have all month long…

  1. Sex can help with cramps - yes you read that right. Having a massive orgasm, with penetration or without can help reduce that god awful pain in your tummy and MAY EVEN SHORTEN PERIODS. If that’s not a reason to get down and jiggy with it, I don’t know who you are.

  2. Extra lube - no need to worry about any additional lubricants during that time of the month, but if you do get a little bit anxious about sex on your period just grab the KY and add some more.

  3. You’ll be extra horny and you could ENJOY IT MORE - due to the extra hormones raging around in your system, you’re one more likely to want to have sex, and two you’re likely to actually find it hotter. Pass the towels please!

Just to put it out there… you CAN get pregnant on your period so make sure you use birth control!

If the whole mess thing is really getting to you, why not try having sex in the shower (use EXTRA LUBE though), lay out some waterproof sheets, or just make sure your other half does the laundry.

Obviously whilst you languish in the afterglow, watch a shitty rom-com and eat your weight in kinder buenos. Pass the tissues?

Xoxo Serena