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How create a custom URL for your OnlyFans

Don’t get banned from Instagram or TicTok for using an OnlyFans Link

So here is the problem. Some social media providers are changing their terms of service to prohibit the use of an OnlyFans link both within your Bio but also within any linktree you have. This means it is no longer possible to put a link like or have a blatant OnlyFans tab on your linktree.

If for a reason your account gets reported or reviewed to Instagram or TicTok for example this can lead to an immediate ban without the ability to appeal. All because you have broken the term of service which you previously agreed too.

No one with an OnlyFans account wants their social media accounts banned. We invest a huge amount of effort curating content and building our socials. Without them, it is difficult to feed new subscribers into our OnlyFans business.

There may be a potential solution. Buy a custom domain name and then redirect your OnlyFans account. For example, I have bought and if you put that into your browser you go through to my OnlyFans.

Do not put off because it sounds difficult because here is everything you need to know.

Where to buy a custom URL

You can buy Domain names from any of these websites

Find a free domain name that you can buy which reflects your OnlyFans username or you.

When choosing your new domain name look to stick to either .com or county-based endings such as Your potential subscribers will have more faith in these than obscure ending like .biz or .xxx

How to link your new custom URL to your OnlyFans

Once you have your domain name, you can change the settings and redirect it to your OnlyFans.

Here are guides for each of the domain name sites on how to redirect your new website address to OnlyFans URL.




All of these providers have great customer service too if you get stuck and they can help you out.

Using the new custom URL.

Now you can use your new URL and ‘mask’ where the link may lead. I do not promise this is foolproof. This hack still breaks the terms of service due to the where the redirected link leads too. However, it is sufficient to look legitimate and make you less likely to be banned from platforms where OnlyFans links breach the terms of service.

Using the custom URL and linktree

You can also change the tab name of the OnlyFans link on your linktree. I have always referred to my OnlyFans as My Fan Club Website. Take a moment to think about how you could make the Linktree tab subtly different to mask anyone or bots from social media companies.

You might want to consider having different linktrees for different social media, each reflects specific social media terms of service. For example, the linktree you use from Instagram and TicTok could be different from the one you use for Twitter and Reddit.

The future of OnlyFans links

There is no doubt that social media platforms are making things more difficult for OnlyFans creators. I am sure that overtime rules will change, tactics to maximise the number of subscribers that flow from our social media to OnlyFans will evolve and new marketing opportunities will come our way.