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Santa got stuck in my chimney and I showed him how I'm a good girl

Tonight, I pretended to be asleep like a good girl. I just kept peeking out of one eye. As the clock struck midnight, I heard banging and crashing and I went downstairs to check.

I could not believe my eyes. Santa and his rather hot dad bod had got stuck in my chimney.

Well, what’s a girl going to do? I mean I want to make sure he keeps me on the good list for next year. So I decided to show Santa what a good little slut I can be.

Here are the 5 things that I did to Santa tonight to make sure I’m on next year's good list:

💖 I gave his feet a tickle so that I could hear his “ho ho ho” and boy does his dad bob belly jiggle when he laughs.

💖 I popped in an anal plug just to see if his toes would curl up like a little elf … and they did.

💖 I sucked and sucked on his candy cane. Just in case you want to know it tastes of peppermint.

💖 I made sure I felt his present sacks and gave them a gentle jiggle. Just enough to make sure nothing fell out early.

💖 I swallowed all his eggnog and I have to say it was rather tasty. A little like milk and cookies.