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Should you fuck on a first date? I do!

Look, I’m a slut, so of course, I fuck on a first date! There is a high probability that if you have been nice to me on a night out, bought me a drink or fed me, that I’d fuck you too.

However, the killer question is... Should I fuck you on a first date?

Thank God for scientific research that now shows fucking on the first date is a good idea.

In fact, 36% of men and 56% of women say they formed a loving relationship after getting laid at the end of the first date.

Sadly, some of the good boys and girls still searching for their inner slut don’t agree. Apparently, there are 17% of women and 11% of men who would actually think less of their date if they engaged in coitus (posh word for fucking that I’ve always wanted to use here) on the first date.

Truth is for me, I have fucked more people on the first date than most will have sex within a lifetime. I don’t regret any of them and I have had some nice relationships develop out of them. Ironically, despite being an experienced slut I am, I made Sir wait until the second date. So perhaps, some things do come to those that wait (at least a minimum of 24hrs). I guess? That kinda makes me a good girl right??