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💗Sluts Guide to Swinging 💗

As you know, I love to be slutty. What you may not know is that I love meeting lovely couples and girls, especially other girls. It is a great way to bring a fun new dynamic into my relationship. So if you are like me but do not know where to start meeting and swinging with other people, here is a great guide to help you get started.

First off, swinging has a place for everyone. Regardless of; your gender, orientation, if you are a couple, single, there is a place in the community for you. However, it can be a bit scary meeting like-minded people to explore your group sex fantasies.

So I have put together a fantastic beginners guide to swinging to understand how to swing and have a blast safely.

PS - Any girls that fancy hitting me up, please get in touch.

What is swinging?


Look swinging is no longer stuck in the '70s with couples throwing car keys into a bowl after a drunken dinner party. It's mainstream with threesomes, moresomes, cuckolding, orgies, and general group debauchery is normal.

Swinging is just a catch-all phrase for organising sex outside of the traditional monogamous. Partner swapping is more than just two couples exchanging partners. It can be introducing a third person to a couple, a whole group of people or pure voyeurism. It doesn't matter what combination you are looking to do. It all falls under the swinging banner.

Swinging terms that you should know before you get started...

Soft swing

Soft swinging is all about same room fun. It's a great way to start your swinging adventure if you're a couple or introducing a third into a relationship. It allows everyone to take part in the fun while being able to swap back and forth. It is also great to communicate with your partner and check in with them.

Hard swing

Hard swinging is when a couple or person takes an alternative partner into a separate room to have sex. Those who want to go all hardcore hard-swinging can also involve meeting separately to your partner in hotels or at other places.


Cuckolding is a variation in the group sex dynamic where one part of the couple has sex while the other is excluded or watched. Now please do not feel sorry for the one that seems left out. Voyeurism is a fetish where they get off on watching someone else fuck their partner.

Now don't get fixated on the cuckold being a guy. Girls can be into this too and get off watching their partner fuck someone else.

There are also those that go all out with their cuckolding and hold their meeting separate from their partner and either film it or live to stream it back to their partner to tease them even further.


The bull is typically a guy that joins a couple as the third for cuckolding. They are seen as alpha types to accentuate the difference between them and the cuckold. Again don't get caught up with this bull guy fucking a girl as it can refer to either sex.


The hotwife is a term for a female partner that is fucked by the bull while their cuckold partner watches.


No, it's not your dick or a chicken. It's the partner of the hotwife, typically a guy that watches their hotwife gets fucked by her bull.


A unicorn is a single girl that joins a couple for an FFM threesome. Now they are called unicorns because they are rare as fuck, yet an infinite number of couples are out looking for one to join them.


Simply sex between three people all at the same time. It does not matter the genders or combinations. It can be three guys, three girls, two guys and a girl (FMM) or two girls and a guy (FFM). You need to do simple counting and invite no more than three people.

Moresomes or orgies

Now, this is just a group of people having sex. Any combination of genders and sexualities can be fucking at the same time. It's all down to the people taking part, and although it may not look like it, consent and communication are occurring throughout the encounter to gain permission to touch, suck or fuck.


A gangbang is a hybrid version of an orgy, but the diversity of genders or ratio of tops and bottoms favours only one or two being fucked while the vast majority are doing the fucking. PornHub may lead you to believe that it is only ever a girl being fucked by a group of guys. However, we girls do not get left out, and a reverse gangbang is where a group of girls fuck a single guy.


Bukkake is a particular type of gangbang where a single person is the centre of attention, typically sucking off and giving hand jobs to a series of guys to have them all ejaculate on their face at about the same time so that they cover their face with cum


Voyeurism is the fetish of watching people have sex. This may involve them masturbating, but this is a separate act to the sex and not part of taking part. Voyeurism is all about watching, not taking part.

Know your swinging limits!!!


If you're part of a couple looking to get into swinging, you will need to chat about it beforehand. Communicating what you like, don't like, and the things that you are comfortable doing sexually with other people and what you don't wish to do.

It is essential to work all this out with your partner and communicate this with any additional prospective people before you get down and dirty. Nobody thinks clearly when they are horny as fuck, and it's not the time to dive into being fucked in the ass if your partner would be horrified. They may have wished to keep that exclusively within your relationship.

Soft limits

Soft limits are the things that you might do if the circumstances are right at the time. Think about this in advance with your partners, and then if a soft limit boundary occurs mid-action, you can communicate and consent if you wish to do it. Remember when you are having group sex with your partner, ensuring you have their consent as well. It needs to be fun for everyone and watching your partner take part in an act that you are uncomfortable with is not fun for them even if you are having the time of your life.

Hard Limits

These are the sexual acts that you will not do under any circumstances. Ensure that you have agreed to these with your partner beforehand and anyone else you invite to join you. You should expect everyone to respect your hard limits at all times, and should anyone ask you to do something on your hard limit list or attempt it knowing you have not given consent, use your safeword. Swinging should be safe and fun for anyone. Anybody that does not observe your hard limits is neither safe nor fun to play with


Swinging just like BDSM is centred around consent. It's totally up to you who you choose to fuck and what you do. Just because you met someone or a couple does not mean that you have to have sex with them or place limits on what you want to do.

It isn't smart to mix swinging with too much drink or drugs. You are more likely to do things you may regret later, and it lowers your inhibitions. At its extremes here in the UK, it is not legally possible for others to gain your consent if you are drunk or intoxicated. When you are under the influence, you might not make the same choices that you would sober. So stay safe.


Before you get started, agree on a safeword with your partner and make sure you tell your swing partners. Make sure it's a word that you are never going to use while getting fucked. My safe word is "macarons". In the absence of a safe word, the universally accepted safeword is "RED". If anyone calls their safeword, everything must stop. Take a timeout and talk about what's happening, and then either call it a day and stop or work it out and get back to it only once things have been sorted and agreed on how to move forward.

NEVER ignore a safeword and continue. Respect your partners, and remember your all consent has been withdrawn once a safeword has been called.

How to start swinging??


You need to find a person, couple, or group to meet and join to get started. However, that is the tricky bit. Here are the three best ways to meet swingers.


It has always surprised me how open my friends are to the idea of swinging, but I do have a lot of kinky open friends, so maybe I'm not looking at a regular group of vanilla people. However, if you know a couple or single and the conversation goes in that direction one day, do not discount this as a way of finding a great swinger adventure.

Swinger sites

Why not check out Fabswingers and Killing Kittens. As a woman, I much prefer Killing Kittens. It is centred on women, empowers the girls to take the lead, and limits how guys can reach out and communicate. Killing Kittens also offer the best parties here in the UK and major cities in the US.

Swinger clubs

You can always visit a private members club exclusively for swinging. Once inside, you know that everyone is there for the same reason. Clubs hold events with different themes, so matching your desires to the people attending is easy.

If you are looking for a couple of great swinger clubs in the UK, check out Liberty Elite and Xtasia these are two of my absolute favourites and you will be welcomed with open arms!

If you have got this far, you are ready to start your swinging adventure. I have loved meeting couples and singles, and I am sure you will too. Don't forget to tell me about your swinging experiences and the advice you would offer to someone wanting to swing with new people.


I love to be slutty, and swinging offers a great way to meet fuck and enjoy the company of like-minded people. Just like BDSM, you need to do your research and talk to your partner before you start your adventure.

Good luck, and don't forget to join Killing Kittens here - It's the best swinger set-up that I have ever come across.

**PS … Any girls that fancy exploring swinging with me, say hi. You never know where it may lead.**

Xoxo Serena