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Using OnlyFans as a subscriber

The world appears split down the middle about OnlyFans. You either love it or hate it. However, OnlyFans and platforms like it are here to stay.

I thought it was about time to write a guide on how to get the most out of subscribing to any OnlyFans account and debunk what goes on behind the subscription paywall while sharing my experiences as a successful creator.

What is OnlyFans, and how does it work

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media which you can only access by paying a monthly subscription free. It may surprise you that OnlyFans is not just used by sex workers. There are many fitness trainers, comedians, musicians, and subject matter experts who only share some of their knowledge through a premium social media subscription.

The same goes for girls like me that use the site. We choose not to give away every picture or video we create for free but to place a proportion behind a monthly charge.

OnlyFans Marketing and finding people to subscribe too.

Everyone must be familiar with and wanked to PornHub. If you have, you are familiar with how people Market their OnlyFans. Take the ‘FakeTaxi’ brand. One of the biggest producers of porn in Europe. They place small clips on ‘free to view porn site’ and social media. If you wish, you can smash one out to these 8-minute clips on PornHun that ok. They do not care. They are happy to do that for as long as you like; however, if you want the full video or access to far more content, you need to pay a monthly subscription on their main website.

OnlyFans and finding people to subscribe to is the same. During your travels here or on social media, you will follow guys or girls that you just like the look of or feel an affinity with. You may well want to see more and experience more and form a closer relationship with them. This is something that transitional social media does not provide the mechanism for either through terms of service or alternative ways to monetise a following. OnlyFans allows creators like me to enable subscribers to see more content, chat more or interactions in unique ways.

P.S. I genuinely hope that everyone enjoys my pictures here, Twitter or TikTok. However, if you want more, you can subscribe - Click here if you wish to subscribe to my OnlyFans.

Who has an OnlyFans account? How can you choose and cost?

I understand that subscriptions cost money. I also know that not everyone has spare cash to subscribe to every OnlyFans creators. With monthly charges vary from free to an average of $10 per month following a few people can soon add up. My OnlyFans costs $8.99, the equivalent of £6.30 if you wanted to know.

Ultimately, the cost means that most people have to choose carefully. With over 1 million OnlyFans creators, it can be a difficult choice to make sure you subscribe and form a relationship with the right creators.

Think carefully before you subscribe. Make sure that once you are behind the paywall, you are going to receive what you want. For example: within my OnlyFans, you can see pictures and videos of me nude, all with a kinky edge to them. However, there is no sexual content on my OnlyFans. If you are looking for sexual content, I am not the creator for you, and you may be disappointed if you subscribe.

My advice is to read the OnlyFans Bio before you subscribe and ask the content creator what they offer if you are not sure. Creators are keen to help folks out and to make sure they have a match to their content. We all want you to subscribe and stay. You will only remain with a creator because you love their posts, which matches what you want.

Top tip: Never ask for a free sample of the OnlyFans content for you to decide. This is unlikely ever to receive a yes. Others are paying for that experience and content, and it is not fair on them and devalues the premium price a creator has placed on the subscription.

How do you have a great OnlyFans experience once you subscribe

This depends on what you want. Here are a few examples of the type of subscribers I have.

About half of my subscribers are pure voyeurs. They look at my feed and occasionally press love on a post; they leave a sweet comment and exchange the odd message on a rare occasion. However, they remain subscribed and keep enjoying my content in the way they want to consume it. They get to see four posts a day from me, between 12 - 16 pictures a day. Also, they get 2 or 3 videos a week plus some text posts and erotic fiction that I write and stuff like that.

Other subscribers want a far more interactive relationship with the theme. Some of my subscribers love to chat, and I spend a fair amount of my day exchanging messages with people I now consider friends. We talk about anything and everything. It may surprise you that the majority of my conversations have nothing to do with sex. It is just two people chatting about everyday stuff.

Some subscribers want a bespoke erotic experience and wish to pay extra.

This ranges from buying extra content that I offer once in a while to arranging custom photoshoots, sexting/roleplay, or writing and then audio/video me reading erotica.

A few subscriber desire a full online submissive experience. I provide tasks and rewards and chastity arrangements for those who want a key holder and feel that I am an excellent fit to meet their needs.

Ultimately the OnlyFans experience is what every you want it to be. The most important thing is to make that experience fun.

How to have a tremendous OnlyFans experience summary

  1. If you only want to enjoy and wank off to the free material creators put online, please go ahead and have a great time. You do not have to subscribe. That is your choice.

  2. If you want a closer relationship with a creator and see pictures video, and other stuff behind a paywall, you should subscribe.

  3. Make sure you check that the material your creator makes will meet your expectations before you subscribe and do your research.

  4. Choose what level of interaction you would like with your chosen creator once you have paid over your money.

  5. Expect bespoke requests and content just for you to cost you extra. It can cost a lot of money and time to create.