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The reasons why you want to have sex with a redhead

Ever wanted to know why you have an urge to fuck redheads?

Let me explain.

It’s not your fault. Redheads have certain generic advantages which give us an unfair advantage over all the blondes and brunettes. We are like ancient sirens who used to lure sailors to their deaths with their calls and beauty. The only difference is that redheads lure you into our kinky wild fucked up sex that you can’t resist with witchcraft and mystery.

So if you do not understand why you have these urges to fuck redhead, let me explain in 7 simple steps :

💖 Our smell is like witchcraft and turns you on - Redheads have a naturally musky scent due to our unique pheromones. These pheromones have the power to make you horny by just standing next to us. So really you can’t help wanting to fuck us, we are just bewitching you.

💖 Redhead are rare and there is simply not enough of us to go around - The gene responsible for red hair (MC1R) is in less than 1% of the world population. Which is why fucking a redhead is on every one sex bucket list. I mean who has not fucked a blonde or brunette they are commonplace. If you want exotic go red.

💖 Redheads fuck you more often - Simply, put we want and have more sex and fuck for longer than any other hair colour. Doesn't everyone want kinky slutty sex all day, every day? I mean that's normal right? Just asking for a redhead friend.

💖 We cum more often while you fuck us - This is not just down to; having loads more sex, our sensitivity to touch, our translation of pain to pleasure or downright slutty reaction to sex. Our genetics means we just climax faster and easier than other hair types.

💖 We are the world champs of multiple orgasms - It’s like redheads are the the sluty equivalent to repeating rifles of the sex world. Once we get your first shot off we can blast away time after time for as long as you have the energy to keep us going.

💖 You can’t resist redheads sensitive skin - It turns out redheads like pain and it translates into sexual excitement for us. No wonder so many of us are kinky little pain sluts. All you have to do is show me some handcuffs and an old school cane and I am already thinking about fucking you.

💖 We have a higher pain tolerance which makes redheads the perfect masochists - Natural selection has made redheads into the perfect masochistic sluts. You can get all nasty, kinky and rough with us and we like it. You can beat us for longer and the bruises are more spectacular. Finally, our bones are stronger as we can make our Vitamin D so there is less chance of you breaking us. I trust I'm not the only redhead that gets wet again after some rough sex when I see all the bruises left behind the next morning.

So next time you see a redhead, remember it's our superior genetics working like witchcraft that is making your cock and you can’t control it.