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The ultimate guide to NSFW Twitter accounts

This guide is a whole mix of social media marketing superpowers I have learnt and how I grow my NSFW OnlyFans Twitter accounts. If you follow this guide you will also start growing Twitter accounts that drive new subscribers to your OnlyFans or other subscription / paid NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) content.

Why a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) OnlyFans Twitter account different.

1. What is NSFW Twitter

First of all, NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work and encompasses all manner of material from tongue-in-cheek jokes, rude posts, raunchy memes, potty-mouthed videos, nudes, Lewds and porn. All of which you can find on Twitter.

2. Why is a NSFW twitter different?

Twitter has more relaxed terms of service than all the other popular social media. Meaning it is one of only a few places where adult content creators can showcase what goes on behind their paywalls.

This gives you a marketing opportunity to grow an engaged Twitter audience full of people interested in the content you create.

NSFW OnlyFans Twitter basics

3. Get a new account.

I would recommend that you create an account purely for your OnlyFans Twitter. If you have a Twitter account already don’t worry just set up a second one to go alongside. This way you do not mix up the personal and professional worlds. You do not want friends to know you can swallow an 18” tentacle style dildo and similarly my NSFW fans don't care that you ate salmon last night.

4. Get a Twitter username or handle

The next thing you need to consider is your Twitter handle or username. My advice is to pick a Twitter username the same or similar to your OnlyFans account name if you have one or something sexy. Your Twitter Username is for life not just for Christmas and choosing a good one makes it easy for people to remember you.

5. Think about your Twitter mission (your niche)

Before you go any further, think about who you want to engage on Twitter. What sort of content do you want to showcase? - Feet, blowjobs, spanking, DDLG (Daddy-daughter, Little Girl), MILF, nude or lewd? There are sub-communities for every kink, fetish, body type and age. If you have a clear idea of who you want to link up with, it will also guide you on the hashtags you use and give you a clear focus on the visual content you should post. This focus is the building blocks of your Twitter audience. It will pay off in subscribers in the future.

Good Advice: Think very hard about who you are targeting in your audience. If you are a sex worker or OnlyFans creator make a clear distinction between your peers and other creators and your target audience that you want to subscribe. It is very easy to create a “following” entirely of your peers early on. Now, I love the SW community on Twitter but remember to keep the focus on your target market and grow these followers as your main objective.

Don't worry if you change your mind at any time about this stuff. Just come back and repeat this stage and your back on course. During my Twitter journey, I have adapted myself several times.

6. Public vs Protected Accounts

When you start, your Twitter account is set to public by default. Which means anyone can see your tweets.

For different reasons, some NSFW Twitter accounts prefer to use protected Twitter accounts. This keeps their updates and feeds private. Only their followers can see the tweets and no one can retweet from these accounts. Also unless someone is following you, they won’t see your reply to tweets either.

This certainly provides anonymity if that is important to you. However, you will have to balance this with a far slower rate of growth. I would also say that I have never seen an OnlyFans Twitter protected account with a sizable following. Twitter is a visual social media, and so is the content you are looking to promote.

7. Understanding Twitter terms

If you are new to Twitter here are the acronyms you need to know, what they mean and what you can do with them.

DM – This is a private Direct Message sent directly to a Twitter user. You have to follow that user first and there is a privacy setting where users can turn this function off. Important to know - These messages DO NOT turn up in your Twitter stream. So you have some level of privacy.

Follow – These are the accounts that you are connected too and “follow.” It is the tweets from these people that go into your feed and timeline made up from their tweets, retweets and likes. and the tweets will appear in your timeline.

Follower – These are the people who follow you and as a result of all of your tweets, retweets and likes show up in their feeds.

Hashtag (#) – A hash symbol is used to comment highlight a specific topic, e.g. #OnlyFans. These help users and Twitter find content tweets about a specific subject quickly.

Link – This is a URL in your tweet. There is no need to use a short link any more as it does not count as your 140 characters. However, If you want a pretty picture and link to go under your tweet best practice is to put this last.

Reply (@) – using the @ and a Twitter users username will mean they will get notified about that tweet. It's a great way to draw someone's attention to something you have tweeted as well as all the comments etc linked to it.

RT (ReTweet) – This is where you're-posting something that you have seen and like. You have an option to retweet the Tweet just is it is Alternatively you can add your one comment. I always add something to a retweet even if it is a simple message telling my audience and the person that originally sent it that I think it's great.

Setting up an OnlyFans NSFW Twitter account

8. Step up your Twitter profile - images

Consider your profile is the interface in which people will decide if they will follow you or not. This is particularly important when you start out looking for the all-important first 100 followers. A well-presented profile can make a huge difference in people choosing to follow you or not.

Get a great SFW face picture of you for your portrait picture. People are far more likely to interact and follow you if they can see you. Stay away from cartoons or logos.

The final job with images is to create a banner behind your profile pic. This is perfect for a group of pictures or one great pic with you lying down. You can go further and give it some graphic design with the help of (It's a simple graphic design tool), with this you can put some text over the top of your images with your web address or OnlyFans user name, price or what people will see.

9. Set up your Twitter profile - Bio

People really do read your Bio. This is a vital point to place a link to your OnlyFans or website. This is your 160 characters to tell everyone visiting you on Twitter (and it’s search algorithms) who you are and your interests. Secondly, it is also one of the first points of reference people make when considering whether to follow you or not. Think back to your Twitter mission and who you want to have followed you on Twitter and mention this in your bio.

The Twitter bio is all about encouraging people to trust you and follow you particularly early on when you have fewer followers. For me, this is one of the biggest factors that determines if I follow people. I want to know if you have similar interests to me and this is the fastest way to find out. Also, include hashtags with some keywords to highlight specific things you want people to notice #OnlyFans #Feet #Spanking

You also have a space to put a website as well as being able to place links in the bio. Perfect place for your OnlyFans link or Amazon Wish list.

10. Optional privacy location and birthday

The last step of completing your profile is location, birthday and privacy. Being an OnlyFans Twitter account you should consider your anonymity and keep yourself safe. A key way of doing this is to not give any personal details away. You can choose to hide your location from the public view. As an alternative, you can be deliberately vague about your location to give people an idea without being specific. I use the capital city as my twitter location. It gives a sense of the country I live in, but it’s over 100 miles out to my true location.

Send your first NSFW Tweets

11. Retweet your first 5 - 8 tweets

Before you start reaching out to follow people just add a few tweets to your account. No one wants to follow an empty account. A great way to get started is to place a hashtag into the search bar and to look at the people and tweets that show up. Then start looking through their tweets. Start liking and retweeting other people's content that you like. A great way to start engaging with others from the start is to leave a comment of two on tweets you love and retweet with a comment saying something nice about that tweet.

Once you have made your first 5 - 8 retweets it’s time to make a few small tweets introducing yourself. A few SFW pictures are great at this point. Remember your mission is to create an account people will follow now, marketing comes later.

Now, go back and repeat with a search and retweeting. You'll be looking through plenty of Not safe for work Twitter accounts now. As you do this every time you see something you think is interesting just press retweet and it will appear on your timeline too for others to see.

Before you know it you have 20 - 25 tweets and your account may look new but full of relevant tweets and look active.

Start following other NSFW Twitter accounts

12. Think hard - Are other NSFW and sex workers your target audience.

Do not confuse the vibrant and supportive SW / OnlyFans network as your target audience. Perhaps keep a separate account for them. It's very easy to get sucked into retweeting everyone else, following threads for followers only to discover your Twitter account is full of amazing creators but very few buyers.

13. Who to follow

Here are my top NSFW / Onlyfans Twitter accounts I think you should follow straight away. I think all of these accounts are doing a great job and created a large engaged audience.

They are also very focused upon their content, post regularly and create unique well thought out content giving a clear idea of what to expect if you subscribe to their premium services.

14. Get your first 100 followers

Now your race is on to get your first 100 followers. These are the toughest 100 you will ever have to get. As your followers grow it becomes easier and easier to grow.

Just start liking, commenting, retweeting and following as many people as you can that are relevant to what you want to achieve on Twitter. Think back to step 5 and who you want to engage with on Twitter. Use these mini-steps and invest 15 - 30 minutes every day and you will soon see your followers growing.

There are no shortcuts here and you have to be consistent every single day repeating the step above. I do this every single day regardless of how big my Twitter accounts grow.

Just put a keyword, Hashtag or type of person you are searching for into the search bar and let Twitter do all the hard work. So, if you set out to reach out to the DDLG community you may wish to search using the term #DDLG for example for your search term.

Look at all the people that Twitter generates and scan down that list following everyone that fits who you are looking for.

Next, look at all the latest tweets including the term / #hashtag you searched for. Check out these guys and again go the same. All the time looking for tweets that you can like, comment on and retweet.

Next, look at the Top tweets and do the same as above, but this is a little different. Now you want to look at everyone that has either liked or retweeted the top tweets. Just as above go through and follow all of them.

The final step is to identify 3 - 5 key people that have reasonable followings with tweets that attract several likes and retweets often. Now, go through the tweets they have sent in the last week and follow everyone that has liked or retweeted.

Repeat, this process every day for 15 - 30 minutes, or as often as you can and you'll be out of the starting blocks fast with your first 100 followers. You will also find your feed filling up straight away with relevant and interesting stuff from all the people you have followed.

Don’t forget all the time you are looking at Twitter, look out for every time tweets you like just press Like, comment and retweet. It’s the fastest and easiest way to grow the amount of relevant content and it’s a proven way to increase the chances that the person will follow you back.

When you start about 15% - 20% of everyone you follow will follow you back. As you grow this will go up to 40% (providing you followed my earlier steps).

Warning - Do not go back doing mass deletion of followers that do not follow you. Twitter does not like this. It has an automatic algorithm that picks up this type of activity and will temporarily suspend your account. If you keep doing it and ignore the warnings it is possible to have your account banned. You have been warned

Best way to remove accounts that you no longer want to follow are in small batches of approx 20 at a time and do this a few times a day.

Start sending your NSFW tweets to others

15. Sending tweets and making them stand out

Once you are up and going the best way to get value from Twitter is to be part of your target community which means you will want to send tweets and join in with the others leaving likes comments and retweeting other great content.

Certain tweets work better than others. The least popular tweet and those that get the least engagement are text-only tweets, next is subject-relevant news, then pictures and finally the most engaged with content gifs and video.

You need to make sure you have a healthy mix of relevant news/blog articles, pictures and video.

If you are looking for news search Google and then click on news to see what's new. As for pictures and video, you're an OnlyFans content creator so get creative.

The best way to understand what your specific audience likes is to practice and use a range of tweets and retweets from different places. If you keep reading, there is an advanced section that takes the guesswork out of all of this with Twitter analytics

16. You are going to need quite a lot of content for NSFW Twitter

One thing that will set you apart from the crowd is your unique content and you are also going to need quite a lot. This is easier for a more established content creator who may have 1000’s of pictures and videos they have already taken. However, this can be daunting for someone new.

One of the best ways is to just start taking more pictures. Think about making sure you take pictures specifically for your social media when you do photoshoots. Alternatively, just get in the daily habit of taking new pictures.

Follow these steps and you will soon have a great variety of media you can use. As time goes on this becomes easier and easier. Not only do you have more and more pictures to choose from, but also in the final section “how to supercharge your Twitter” I’ll show you how you can reuse pictures and videos.

17. Examples of successful tweets and why

Here is a tweet that I have seen mega-successful within the SW / OnlyFans community.

You can use this as inspiration to help you get a head start when you are thinking about the type of tweet you can send. It does not have to be about tits and ass all the time

This tweet has over 4.1 million views on Twitter alone.

If it's viral on one social it's going to be viral on all of them so remember to use good content across all your social platforms

18. Get up to 1000 followers and beyond

So if you have a Twitter bug now all you have to do is keep repeating everything you have learnt so far.

Small and consistent efforts will surprisingly quickly bring rewards with more followers. With more followers and links you'll get more people clicking on your links to your OnlyFans

From this point on it's all about consistency.

Now, it's perfectly possible to have an amazing twitter experience with everything above.

However, I have more great stuff below about how to “geek” to the max on

Twitter and supercharge everything you are doing.

How to Supercharge your OnlyFans Twitter

19. The best time to send your tweets.

So your audience is likely to be English speaking and global. This means once you have a large audience there is likely to be someone somewhere on Twitter when you post.

After experimenting running different tweets at different times and a whole load of A B testing (That is marketing geek-speak for testing one thing against another). I have concluded that the core time to be NSFW tweeting is (6 pm - 9 am and 11 am - 2 pm GMT). This covers the morning before work and the evening till bedtime for both the USA and Europe.

Now, no one wants to stay up all night tweeting and amazingly over half of my tweets are posted while I sleep. I'll tell you how I do that magic shortly in Step 24

There is more to this story though. Users are more active and spend longer on Twitter at the weekends. This is my peak time. This is where I put out anything that I have been able to save up that I know will go viral.

That’s when I get peak traffic and peak engagement and have been known to send up to 20 different Tweets spread out across a Saturday or Sunday.

20. How often Should you tweet?

Simply, you can tweet as few or as many as you like. If you catch the Twitter bug and enjoy it you will want to send multiple tweets a day. There is also a direct relationship between the number of tweets you send and how quickly your followers are likely to grow. Research suggests a minimum of 3 tweets and a max of 30 to optimise growth and engagement.

I always try to send between 6 -8 tweets every day for me that feels like the maximum without alienating my audience or exhausting my content so it looks repetitive. It also gives me a high probability that between 2 and 4 of those Tweets will resonate with my audience and get some level of traction and perform above average. It also likely means across a week I will get two or three Tweets that will go properly viral.

Again, think about going all automated with step 24. There is no practical way that you can keep this momentum without the use of the software.

21. Viral OnlyFans Tweets

After 20 years doing marketing and over 10 years using Twitter I still have not worked out what makes tweets perform off the charts. However, with experience, I can tell some have a far better chance than others. Here are a few pointers that can help you get started.

Always remember for a Tweet to be viral and you to get the benefit in views and followers it has to be relevant to your target NSFW audience. You also have to have 1500+ followers to help get it started. As this is reliant on getting lots of likes and retweets from people with larger followings.

  • Video has a far higher chance of going viral than pictures.

  • Smart and inventive beats sex and porn in the world of going viral

  • Create a meme using one of your own images (include a watermark of your OF or premium service)

  • People love to see videos or pictures with witty comments.

  • Catch a current event in a news article or video and make it relevant to your Twitter and your audience.

If you run out of ideas visit Facebook and Reddit. See if there are any relevant posts there that have gone viral. Then just use that news link or image or video in a tweet. Others have done the hard work and given you a good idea it will be a hit before you even use it. These are almost guaranteed hits providing someone has not found it first.

22. What not to tweet about

Top NSFW Twitter Tip - Not advertise in every single tweet and don’t repeat the same advertising tweet time after time after time.

Twitter does not work like that. Twitter is a community of people first and you need to embed yourself into that community to skim off a proportion to your OnlyFans.

Don't treat your audience like a sales machine. They will not engage with you and your long term results will be weaker than if you use a 1 in 6 strategies. This means you have OnlyFans once in every 6 of your own tweets (this does not include retweets).

Remember the link is always in your bio you do not need it attached to everything. Also, it is highly unlikely that someone will see your content just once then go through to subscribe. You need to engage with them and they need to value your Twitter content before they move into subscribing for your premium content.

23. What not to Tweet and Trolls!

There are some people on Twitter that are not perfect. From time to time they can make comments that with the better judgement, they may wish on reflection to have refrained from. (That's nice to speak for TROLLS.)

So over the years, I have developed some rules that I use. These protect me from most negative comments

I never tweet about any of the following:

Political or race - I avoid politics and race on Twitter as if it had the plague commenting on either can never end well and irrelevant to my NSFW Twitter.

Being unkind or negative - I only have good things to say about everything or anyone.

Anything in my personal life - No one needs to know about anything like that so they can’t get personal and use it against me

Should a Troll wonder my way I always do the same two simple things:

  • I ignore them

  • I block them

As if by magic they disappear and you never see or hear from them again.

Automating and analysing your NSFW Twitter account

24. Automate your NSFW Twitter account

I have already admitted that my tweets go out while I sleep and I could spend far more time than is reasonable doing this all by hand.

Ultimately, It's just too time-consuming to tweet all the time, so I use software to automate all my tweets. I use Hootsuite.

You can get a free version on your phone which you can attach up to 3 social media accounts before you have to upgrade or the desktop version which is a monthly fee.

Once you go this route you will never look back. It takes me about 10 minutes a day to send and manage all my tweets. I can even plan my content months in advance. Currently, I have some tweets programmed to be sent over 9 months into the future.

25. Reuse your tweets.

Not all your followers see every tweet you send. Plus, over time you get more followers and they probably have never seen your old tweets at all.

This is a great opportunity for you to use your automated software to send out the same tweet multiple times. There are some Twitter Guru’s that advise that you send out a tweet multiple times in a week or day. However, they are talking about enormous followings of 250k+. Until then for people with smaller niche NSFW Twitter communities, this would fail.

However, you can send that same Tweet every month or six weeks for the rest of the year. Slowly, over time if you pre-programme every tweet you create to be sent multiple times in the future it becomes easier to get higher and higher volumes of tweets out every day.

I send every tweet at least 8 times in the future and my most popular tweets are sent every month.

The most powerful advantage Hootsuite gives me is the ability to send the same tweet multiple times and to make sure I get the maximum return for the time I spend sending tweets.

26. Find out what works and Twitter analytics

It's all well and good sending out tweets and following good practice engaging with other your niche NSFW Twitter communities, but there is also a point where you may want to know what is happening to your tweets. For this Twitter has great internal analytics.

It shows you:

  • How many people have seen a specific tweet

  • How many people have seen your tweets each day and overtime

  • Identifies all your most popular tweets

  • How fast your followers are growing

  • How many people like your tweets

  • How many people have clicked on your links

  • The level of engagement you have with your audience

  • Where in the world your followers come from there demographic information

I find this the most powerful tool and possibly my only special power to increasing my Twitter account. I watched to see how different NSFW tweets performed. Those that are popular keep retweeting every month and make more content like that. If they were less popular, do fewer tweets like that.

I hope this has been of help and if you have successfully got to the end please share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter so that others can benefit from it too