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Top five horror movie sex scenes!

Well, it is the spooky season after all, and if you’re wanting to cuddle up with someone brave and watch a scary flick. Just in case you like a full mix of scared and horny during your movies here are my top 5 horror movies with amazing best sex scenes in them:

🎃 TEETH - Okay. Maybe this is one for definitely hiding under the cushions for... it’s scary and terrifying but strangely hot all at the same time. Into CBT? Maybe this one is for you!

🎃 MIDSOMMAR - Okay again a bit weird... anyone fancies a pie with pubes in it? But it’s full of weird sex rituals and also a good bit of scare factor too!!

🎃 JENNIFERS BODY - okay maybe not as freaking scary as I would want but Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried getting some lesbian action on? Yes, please! 💦

🎃 BRAM STOKERS DRACULA - Vampires? Check. Hot sex? Check. Hot vampire sex? Triple check. Yes please and thank you!!! 🖤

🎃 FROM DUSK TILL DAWN - well in my book (if you get the reference I applaud you) Tarantino is the hottest man ever, sorry!! So he had to make the list... I know it’s not really a horror but there are vampire strippers and that has to be the best thing to watch RN especially when the world is going crazy!!

So this is just a little taster of my weird-ass fantasies and obsession with horror movies. What are YOUR best erotic horror films? Tell me below 👇