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Ultimate guide to sex in public

It’s the thought of being seen rather than actually being caught that makes it exciting. So here is my ultimate slut’s guide full of tips and locations to fuck in public.

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A sluts top eight top public sex tips;

💖 Don’t get caught by the eyes in the sky - Look up, if you want to get down and dirty in a city. Cameras are everywhere so be safe, go check out a location first. Look for cameras or little signs warning of cameras before you pull your knickers down.

💖 Be smart with your clothing - Wear stuff you can pull up, down or to the side quickly. If you want speed and comfort, dress for it. Never wear anything that means you have to undress, that's a recipe for disaster.

💖 Get your timing right - Think about getting frisky at times when it is quiet or getting in and out fast so nobody spots you. You don’t want to be too long behind a locked door and have someone come check out why it’s been engaged for too long.

💖 Blankets and coats can be your best friend - Not all public sex involves being bent over in an alley. A strategically placed coat or blanket can be amazing to camouflage what you're up too.

💖 Plan your warm-up before the main event - Public sex needs to be fast and furious. Just don’t sacrifice good sex cause you need to be quick. Have a good public snog, fumble and build up the excitement so you are hot and horny before you get frantic.

💖 Ninja level noise control - Calling out “fuck me harder Daddy” is a sure way to attract attention. So think about controlling some of your vocal urges so that you do not rouse people's curiosity too much.

💖 Have a little vibrator in your pocket - Who says that public sex has to be sex. In busy bars, a vibrator, or hand with that strategically placed coat (see above) can be just as exciting.

💖 Know the law and be informed - Sex in public can be really fucking hot. However, it can also be illegal so don’t complain after the fact if you are on the wrong end of the law. So do your research and don’t get caught.

A sluts top nine top public locations

In your own garden - You don’t have to travel far and you can be back in watching telly before the adverts are over if you are quick

💖 Go for a drive in your car - Nothing like exploring empty country lanes to find an entry into a farmers field.

💖 Woods and the great outdoors - Get away from the trails and find somewhere out of sight. If you choose the right colour clothes you can still hear people yet blend into the background.

💖 Rooftops - If you ever get access to a high roof terrace then you can look down on everyone as you are having your fun. Just watch out if you get too horny close to the edge.

💖 Sex club - My personal favourite as its the only place where you are guaranteed to have the consent of anyone watching you. I really do like to be watched.

💖 The beach - Ouch and it's gritty. Even, if you go out into the sea you end up with sand in your bits.

💖 Tent at a festival - The absolute minimum barrier between you and 1000’s people and you can make as much noise as you like as the commotion hides your calling out “fuck my like a slutty whore!”

💖 Hotel window - Private, but not private all at the same time. You gain protection as you're in a private space and up high. Yet you can watch them as you're getting fucked.

💖 Restroom/bathroom - The lock on the door gives you some real protection and even if people see you go in or leave with someone, they never really know what happens in there.

💖 Cinema - This is getting a little riskier as this is a truly open public space with customers and staff. I recommend you choose a really bad movie, trying this on the opening night of Star Wars is unlikely to end well.

💖 Graveyard - Don't wake the dead. Don't stand on their graves or call out too loud in case those zombies come out and get you.

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