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What is the average number of sexual partners?

I have fucked a lot of people - Want to find out how many?

I have fucked a lot!

To most people, I have fucked a jaw-dropping number of guys and girls. It is so many that I lost count years ago, so don't bother asking. I can barely remember any of the faces and only recall a few for some funny reason, or I hung out with them for some time. Their name, locations and what happened has just blurred into one giant slutty ball of pleasure.

I am not normal, as the average number of people that people have sex with within a lifetime is 7. I have learnt that Americans put it about just a little more than us Brits. You have fucking, on average, 7.2 people compared to our 7.

However, even within countries, there are regional variations, the folks of Louisiana average over 15 sexual partners in their lifetime, where Utah, a place known for being conservative and advocating no sex before marriage, is down to just 2.6.

We all lie when it comes to telling people how many people we have fucked

So here is the funny bit about surveys like this. We lie about how many people we have fucked. Over 41% of men and 31% of women do not tell the truth about the number of sexual partners. However, they tell different lies. Men exaggerate the number of people they have slept with while women are more modest, reducing the number of guys they have fucked.

It is a sad truth that many people still judge the qualities of a person based on the number of people they have fucked rather than the type of people they are. Both men and women 'adjust' the number of people they have slept with depending on whom they are talking too. 6% of women and 10% of men admit they have to lie about their past sexual history, so they are accepted within certain social circles or conform to the perceived social norms.

Did you know that over 38% of people would consider ending a relationship if they found out their partner's body count was higher than average?

So what can we learn from all this?

Who cares how many people you have slept with, sucked off or done any number of other debauched activities with: These are the things that matter:

  • There's no real average. It varies based on gender, location, and background. In France, they are batting almost twice the global sexual partner average, and we see them as a sexy nation.

  • The number of past sexual partners doesn't define your value, who you are, or the kindness in your heart for others.

  • Sharing your "number" is less important than being honest about your STI status and taking precautions to keep yourself — and your partner — safe.

My Slutty final thoughts

I do not give a flying fuck what you think about me based on the number of people I have invited into my bedroom. Anyone that chooses to make that social judgement is disqualified from spend time with me. However, if you are lucky enough to fuck me, I promise all that practice means I will show you an above-average time.