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Where guys like to cum on a girl and where girls would prefer it

I must have had cum from top to big toe (literally aimed at my big toe).

However, just as you guys have a place you prefer to deliver your motherland, us sluts have our preference too.

So here is everything you need to know about where guys choose to cum and where sluts prefer it. All backed up by real research of 740 men and women from the Bad Girls Bible.

Let's start by looking at the most and least popular spots guys like to deliver their love juice:

Top 3

💖 94% of gentlemen say they like to cum inside a slut (best place for it if you ask me) 💖 74% of guys like to cum on a sluts body 💖 54% of guys like to cum in a sluts mouth.

Bottom 3

💖 1.8% of guys like to cum on a sluts hands 💖 0.8% of guys like to cum on a sluts legs 💖 0.3% of guys cum enjoy cumming on a sluts neck

If your thought that was interesting enough the next stuff blew my slutty mind.

Here are some real secrets about what you guys do with your cum when you splash it all over a slut, that you would never have guessed.

When cumming on a sluts face the most popular place to aim is the mouth, followed by the cheeks then the eyes. (REALLY THE EYES GUYS - have you any idea how much that hurts!!! Then it makes us temporarily blind). Why would you do that to a slut after her offering her face up to you?

When aiming at a sluts tits guys seem to prefer to unload 2:1 on the left tit rather than the right. I need someone to explain why you do that?

What does not surprise me is when guys attempt to cum on a sluts stomach and then lose aim and shoot on the crutch instead. It’s similar when you shoot on our sluts backs. You seem to always miss our backs and splash all over our ass holes.

So now we know where you guys like to aim your cum, let's compare this to where sluts actually want your cum:

💖 47% guys may want to cum on a sluts face, but only 12% of sluts want you to actually do that. 💖 26% guys like to cum on a sluts tits, however, 36% us sluts love cum evenly spread all over our tits, not just on the left one. 💖 14% of guys like to cum on a sluts crotch, whereas 24% of sluts love your cum there.

So gentleman, your secrets of where you aim your cum is out and the message from sluts everywhere is clear.

Stop aiming at sluts faces and target our tits and crotch instead. Sluts just prefer it that way.