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Why you should go down on women...

Do not be stingy with your tongue guys. For the love of God never think that going down on me is just a way of trading up to a longer blowjob before you get to fuck me.

I promise that anyone who eats mountains of pussy just because they like it are sex gods and women fucking love it.

There is something just hot about someone dropping between my legs, getting out their tongue and performing the cunnilingus equivalent of a marathon on my pussy.

If that is not enough to convince you to be a sex god then here are 8 reasons why you should eat pussy, enjoy it and declare yourself a sexual Hercules.

You look hot and I love watching you. Yes, I look down and watch you. Slut top tip - You know how you like me looking up when I'm going down on you. It is the same for me. Make sure you look up so I can see your eyes so I can see you are enjoying it.

It's like a little halftime snack. It is the equivalent of half-time beer and pie at the football. You always look forward to something to eat in the break. Then get settled down for the second half and the main event.

It takes the pressure off you making me cum when we fuck. Look if I cum while you are eating my pussy one of two things happen.

1. I am already on a roll. I have a chance to keep cumming and cumming, once you get me on a roll.

2. Worst thing is I do not cum during sex.

At least I will not be left hanging reaching for the vibrator to finish off immediately you climb off.

It builds up anticipation. You can also edge the fuck out of me with the right skills. I promise I will be begging for you to fuck me sooner or later so you can fuck me like a dirty little slut.

On your marks, get set, go … go … go. It gets me wetter than Niagara falls and ready to fuck ...

You can still touch my boobs. Do not stop with just your tongue. Grope me, grab me, overpower me or choke me. Use that spare hand to dominate me.

You don't have to focus on not cumming too early. I use this top slut trick all the time. When I think you are going to cum, and I want to keep fucking, I switch things up. Making us change what we are doing. You can do the same. Bury your face in my pussy and wait for a while. You will soon recharge and ready to keep pounding me into next week.

IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A SEX GOD. I will tell just what a sexual Tyrannosaurus you are. Fuck, it is hot to have someone do this and expect nothing back. I will make you feel like a sex God I promise.