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Why younger girls date older guys

Have you ever been out with a guy and someone has mistaken them for your dad?

Well, I have, lots of times, and it's an occupational hazard for a girl like me that dates and fucks older guys.

I say fuck all the Karens and their conventional social thinking, and bollocks to all the people trying to convince younger people that older guys are only predatory and looking to prove their virility by fucking a girl half their age.

Older ordinary guys are hot as fuck, and here is why...

Older guys are good at dating.

Older guys have had time to practice dating. They have learnt through trial and error the best places to go, how to flirt gently and build up the seduction.

It is a far cry from a drive-through McDonald's happy meal in a rusty VW polo and is expected to let the young guy grope you before you have eaten all the carrot sticks. (Yes, I do like the healthy option.)

PS Random question - Am I slut if I'd probably fuck in the car park for a site down quarter pounder - Asking for a friend.

Older guys are good talkers.

Extra years means more life experience, which translates to more things to talk about and plenty of opportunities to refine their humour.

It is so much easier than having to endure a guy whittling about World of Warcraft and how he was tanking, so mobs and how the DPS was not pulling their weight. The healers were having to keep such another idiot up because he kept taking unnecessary ticking damage.

Yes, I have been forced to have a conversation like that on a date, and it made my pussy go drier than the Sahara in a sand storm.

Older guys have listening ears.

With age comes the wisdom that girls like to talk, and while a girl is talking about herself, she is generally happy. Just throw in a few well-considered nods and agreement with her main points, and she will be in some dream state.

SO much better than having to listen to some younger guy go on and on about how eating clean has maxed his gains at the gym. (Ever noticed when guys say shit like this, they flex a muscle or two. FFS bore off and got me a dad bod anyway.)

Older guys will get on with your friends.

Older guys will be socially skilled and meet your friends, introduce themselves correctly and guarantee not to embarrass you. The smart money also bets they will be able to hold the interest of your folks too.

You will not have to endure the misery of a younger guy meeting your BFF and for you to tell you he fucked his way through all her friends and older sister while at high school before he orders a round of shooters and gets shit faced and ends up face down in the gutter.

Older guys are independent.

Yes, they have a life, their own job, their own home and a real car. They are comfortable in their own company. He's also comfortable with who he is. No time is wasted for him to find himself or his sense of style still. His friendship circle is stable, and he can give you time to do your own thing without asking where you are every 5 minutes.

Much better than a guy living at his mum's treating the place like a hotel and inviting you to his bedroom to watch him COD with the 'boys'. Is it me, or is it possible for the 'boys' hear me suck and fuck a guy off while they are playing with those headsets?

Older guys are just more financially stable.

I'm not talking sugar daddy rich. I mean they have had a good few years to earn at their full potential and gather around them the basic trappings of a lifestyle like a house, a car, can go on holiday and still have a little ambition to do better on their job.

Younger guys are in such a rush for basic material things, and so early in their careers, they do not have the disposable income to support themselves, let alone buy a girl a Starbucks in the morning.

Older guys have the dad bod.

Dad bod's rock. More women prefer a guy with a little timber round the middle than a Greek marble statue. It's the difference between cuddling a squashy down pillow or a cold rock. No contest, I'd fuck a dad bod over a gym body every day of the week.

Older guys have sexy powers.

Older guys have just had a lot more practice fucking a girl. They reckon that Mr average has 5800 fucks in their lifetime. So let's say the first ⅓ is practice, then they have to be in their 30's before they become competent and their 40's to claim to be accomplished.

Young guys are still learning how to fuck. Sure they can rail into you like a steam piston and repeat 10 times a night, but there is more to being fucked than that.

So next time you see a younger girl with an older guy, don't just assume they are family. It could be me and out with my Sir almost twice my age.